Report: MyPillow's Mike Lindell was the hot stud ladies man at Trump inauguration

On the right, that's Scott Baio, dream boyfriend to tons of 80s teens. On the left, Mike Lindell, reportedly a fantasy man for the gals of the Trump inauguration.

On the right, that's Scott Baio, dream boyfriend to tons of 80s teens. On the left, Mike Lindell, reportedly a fantasy man for the gals of the Trump inauguration.

Maybe Mike Lindell will run for governor of Minnesota.

Maybe he won't. 

First, he's going to have to stop running away with the hearts of all the conserva-gals who turned up for Donald Trump's inauguration. 

Last week we brought you the story that Lindell, CEO of the oft-crticized-lately MyPillow empire out of suburban Chaska, might run for governor of Minnesota in 2018. In a subsequent interview with the Star Tribune, Lindell said no, he isn't running for governor... unless God asks him to. (Please stop calling your representatives in Congress and start calling God directly. Try extension 1.) 

But the suburban pillow titan is generating a lot of fluffy news coverage lately, largely because he's just such a yuuuge supporter of Donald Trump. Lindell was apparently singled out and summoned to meet with Trump in early 2016, so the Republican nominee could learn more about the magic behind these 100 percent American-made sleep rectangles.

Lindell tells the Business Journal that during this meeting, Melania asked him to send them a couple MyPillows to check out. Lindell gleefully reports the Trumps received the pillows, and he got a "personal email" from Donald saying "he and his wife really liked MyPillow."

This seems like it's wrong. Did the Trumps, people who live in the utmost luxury, really switch out whatever amenities come in the owner's suite at Trump Towers to try out a couple pillows that retail for $99.97? Will Donald be bringing the MyPillow to the White House?

Is it possible that instead of actually sleeping on the MyPillow, they received Lindell's gift, Melania held one up inquisitively, Trump looked at it, said, "I really like that pillow," and then sent this email?

In return for his gift -- well, that, plus the $2,700 donation to the campaign -- Trump invited Lindell to his inauguration in Washington, D.C. last week. More important, Trump gave Lindell... some little pin with the date of the inauguration on it. He also recruited Lindell to do, uh, something, though Lindell had trouble explaining it to WCCO's Esme Murphy on Sunday.

"It was on Tuesday that it was delivered to me, and I was so humbled. When [Trump] and I had met we had talked about what I'm going to be doing for the inner cities, with private funds, and everything that he believes in, and that I believe in, with helping the inner cities, and helping the economy. And to see it all come to fruition now, I just hope people give him a chance, because it's going to be amazing. And when I got this from him, I was just, very humbled."

Very much not clear what the hell he's talking about, but, congratulations, Mike! And good luck with the inner cities!

So Trump gets $2,700 in campaign cash and two pillows, Lindell gets a tiny pin, and Lindell's the one who can't stop gushing. Maybe Trump will make great deals for America, as long as he makes them with people like Lindell.

This is all prelude to the most remarkable Mike Lindell fact of the week, which comes to us via the New York Post's Page Six gossip trough. Take it away, Page Six:

The divorced former crack addict-turned-strictly sober millionaire was swarmed at the Empire State Inaugural Kick-Off. While big names including Newt Gingrich and Jon Voight attended, women flocked to Lindell, a divorced father of four.
He told Page Six, “A lot of people recognize me from the MyPillow ads, and they often stop and ask for pictures. It’s a blessing,” as a group of attractive blond women approached.

Man, you've really got it goin' on if the ladies treat you like hot property at a party that features studs like Newt Gingrich and Jon Voight.

Does God want Mike Lindell to be governor of Minnesota? Time will tell. What we know already is the ladies of the Republican Party -- the "attractive blond ones" -- want Mike Lindell, period.

Or maybe they were all coming over to say want their money back for these stupid pillows they bought.