Report: Minneapolis-St. Paul airport missed '95 percent' of banned items

Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

Security agents at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport missed almost every single illegal object or substance put in front of them during a recent internal test, Fox 9 reports.

By the time the "red team" of internal investigators called mercy last Thursday airport security agents had failed to detect the presence of 17 out of 18 disallowed objects, according to Fox, which cited "sources" for its story.  

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is not in the habit of discussing internal testing successes or failures. In fact, TSA wouldn't even such a trial had taken place, instead saying it "condemns the release of any information that could compromise our nation's security."

Right. Because a total failure of security measures doesn't endanger people... it's reporting on a total failure of security that endangers people.

Sources claimed the "red team" was able to sneak drugs, fake weapons, and "explosive materials" (!) through security at MSP. During a similar examination last year, testers were able to sneak banned or dangerous items through nine times out of 12, meaning (if Fox's sources check out) they're currently 4-for-30 over the last two years.

That rate of swinging and missing would get a baseball player sent down to the minor leagues. It's unclear what it means for the local TSA branch, if anything: Fox also says "three of five" senior TSA staffers at MSP have this holiday week off for vacation. 

It's not all bad news. According to City Pages' sources, the Minneapolis-St. Paul TSA is successful 96 percent of the time at making sure passenger stand right on the little yellow foot marks in the body scanner, and has a 100 percent rate at detecting the presence of shoes.