Report Minn. potholes, save your car


The freezing and thawing season has officially begun and it isn't just annoying for your walks on sidewalks turned into ice rinks. The roads are taking a major beating and will soon be completely taken over by enormous holes just waiting for unsuspecting drivers. It causes bumpy rides and serious damage if you aren't careful. 

So what can you do about it? Join the pothole police and report them to the best agency to fix it. Read below for the best places to complain in hopes of seeing a quick fix. Don't expect the problem to actually be solved, but at least you'll feel better about yourself.

If you are unfamiliar with the creation of potholes, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has some good information and videos. 

If the pothole that is pissing you off is on a state highway or interstate, report it here

If the potholes are on city streets, contact Minneapolis or St. Paul directly. Outside of the Twin Cities? Search for other city forms here.

Hennepin County roads will be addressed with a report here. Ramsey County problems should be noted here.