Report: Man tried opening the cabin door (!) during flight from L.A. to Minneapolis [VIDEO]


The identity of the man who allegedly tried opening a cabin door mid-flight was not yet available. Youtube

You can't open the cabin door during a flight.

This statement is true in a few different ways. Anything that interferes with a flight crew is against federal law. Fortunately, it's also against the laws of physics: Cabin pressure at altitude being what it is, you simply can't get the damn thing open unless you brought hydraulic jack onto the plane. (Those, by the way, are not allowed.)

So, that's a relief. And yet, people keep trying to open doors during flights. In June, a man was essentially gang-beaten -- justifiably! -- by flight attendants after trying to open the door on an international flight out of Seattle. In July, a woman on a flight from Los Angeles to Houston pulled the same stunt

In both instances, the person failed to open the door, but succeeded in scaring their fellow passengers. 

The latest incident apparently happened during a flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis on Saturday, according to a YouTube video uploaded later that day. "This guy tried to open the door on our flight to Minneapolis from LAX 8/19/17 American Airlines," reads the video's description. The short clip shows the man who allegedly tried opening the latch being escorted off the flight after it touched down at MSP Airport.

The man appears calm, as do fellow passengers, and he is not placed in handcuffs as he is led off the plane before anyone else. A spokesman for the airport confirmed an incident occurred on a Los Angeles to Minneapolis flight, and said the incident is under investigation by the local FBI office. The man's identity was not available. 

We'll update this post as we get more information.


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