Report: Girl on L.A.-to-Minneapolis Delta flight kicks stranger a lot, bruises her ribs

One woman's flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis turned from a red-eye flight to a red-rib flight.

One woman's flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis turned from a red-eye flight to a red-rib flight. Twitter

What is it about flights from California to the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport that's making people act out? 

Last summer, there was the dude who thought it was a good idea to try opening the cabin door while his plane was mid-air. A couple months ago, a woman sued a fellow passenger for drunkenly groping and harassing her throughout a flight out of San Francisco.

Now comes a story that ought to temper some frequent fliers' anger at being placed near an annoying little kid. Next time that happens, think: Hey, at least the little one's not physically assaulting me. 

Sally Canario tells the Sun (a British tabloid widely heralded for its celeb beach bod coverage) she took a red-eye from L.A. to Minneapolis-St. Paul International early this month, and had planned to spend the time in the air sleeping against the window. 

Next to her: a mom and her young daughter, who Canario says spent the journey horizontal, lying across her mother's lap and the middle seat. That left the girl's feet "in [Canario's] face... side... and on [her] lap," according to Canario, who neglected to elaborate on how many feet this girl had.

Sometime during the flight, the little one "threw a bad tantrum," which involved not only "screaming" and "crying," but also kicking out her (numerous) feet. At least some of these little kicks connected with Canario, landing with enough force that Canario says she suffered bruised ribs and damaged cartilage, thus turning her red-eye flight into more of a red-ribs flight. 

The injury will heal, but left her hurting for a week, with pain extending from her sternum to the right side of her rib cage. 

Canario tried getting assistance from a Delta flight attendant, who she says told her he was "not a babysitter," that she was not actually injured, and blamed her for "causing trouble and harassing the family" she was seated next to. Canario says she later learned the girl's father was also on the same flight, and that the family was split up because they'd purchased "last minute discount tickets" for a spring break trip, which was, one can assume, off to a pretty rough start.

"Had I known the husband was on the flight," Canario told the Sun, "I would have gladly traded with him and spared myself this painful injury and hellish nightmare." 

Canario tweeted at Delta about her ordeal -- indeed, she seems to have constructed an account explicitly for that purpose; she also @ed Oprah's Twitter handle, for good measure -- and the company responded there, writing, "I hate to see this," and asking her to send the flight number and date of the incident. 

To the Sun, Delta said it had been in contact with Canario and was learning more about what happened, adding that it regretted "to learn of the experience and discomfort described by this customer on a recent flight."