Report: Adrian Peterson's Agent Tells Vikings AP Will Never Play for Vikings Again

It got worse

It got worse

The relationship between Adrian Peterson and the Vikings looks like it's circling the drain at this point.

Last week AP ripped unnamed members of the organization, the local media and fans for not supporting him during his year-long suspension. Then yesterday CBS Sports reported his agent Ben Dogra and Vikings executive Rob Brzezinski got into a "heated verbal altercation" at the NFL Draft combine in Indianapolis, in which "the agent made it clear that Peterson would never play [in Minnesota] again."

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This comes on the heels of a Bleacher Report story Saturday confirming a longstanding rumor that AP is angling to be traded to the Cowboys.

There's little doubt Peterson is still one of the top players in the league, and with a year to rest and stockpile motivating rage he could be primed for another incredible season. However, with all the sniping through the media and now in public the relationship looks like it's beyond repair.

The trump card the Vikings hold is that the team still has him under contract for $12.75 million next season, and no other organization is likely to pay a running back that kind of scratch. If the parties are able to make up, AP stands to make the most money in Minnesota, even after taking a pay cut Vikings brass has been hinting at.

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