Report: 9 cops shot at man killed in north Minneapolis

'Several' people fled the north Minneapolis house before an encounter that left it riddled with bullets, though one was still inside at the time.

'Several' people fled the north Minneapolis house before an encounter that left it riddled with bullets, though one was still inside at the time. Google Street

Anyone wondering how Minneapolis police had left so many bullet holes at the scene of their fatal encounter with Chiasher Vue got their answer Wednesday.

One sergeant and eight officers of the Minneapolis Police Department fired their weapons at Vue, according to a release from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), which also gave an initial narrative of what happened early Sunday morning. All nine cops are on paid leave as the BCA continues its investigation.

According to the BCA's release, a 911 caller said Vue, 52, had been "carrying a knife and shooting a gun" in a home on the 3100 block of Thomas Avenue in north Minneapolis. Vue's wife, Mai Pha Vue, told Minnesota Public Radio she believed her husband had a gun, but said he hadn't shot it before police arrived. Mai Pha Vue also said she thought her husband had surrendered and posed no threat at the time he was shot.

"Several" people who'd been there fled the house before cops arrived, though one was still inside when they first contacted Vue by phone and spoke to him through an interpreter. 

Vue appeared at the door, the BCA report says, then went back inside the house and emerged with a gun. A source told the Star Tribune Vue had an "older Soviet-style rifle," and that the cops stood around 100 feet away from the home.

Vue pointed the weapon and "began firing," according to the BCA, and the police returned fire, hitting Vue and riddling the side of the house with bullets. "Portions" of the incident were captured on officers' body cameras, and a rifle found where Vue had stood was taken into evidence.

The family member still inside at the time of the shootout was "not injured during the incident," the report says, but sought treatment at North Memorial Medical Hospital for "an unrelated condition."

Vue was treated at the scene and also taken to North Memorial, where he was declared dead of "multiple gunshot wounds" just after 4 a.m. Sunday. No police officers were injured.

Vue is the second person killed by Minneapolis police this year, following the August death of Mario Benjamin, also in north Minneapolis, and also stemming from a domestic dispute. Out of 10 fatal police shootings in Minneapolis since 2008, six happened in north Minneapolis.

Among the nine cops who pulled the trigger, four had been with the police department more than 10 years, and none has been on the beat fewer than five. Once the BCA's investigation is complete, its findings will be submitted to the Hennepin County Attorney's Office for determination of any criminal charges.