Rep. Sarah Anderson appalled that her gerrymandering is called gerrymandering [VIDEO]

Rep. Sarah Anderson.

Rep. Sarah Anderson.

Rep. Sarah Anderson unveiled a Republican redistricting plan plan last week that's more or less dead on arrival at Gov. Mark Dayton's desk because it's such a transparent effort to gerrymander districts to buttress Republican seats at the Legislature and in Congress.

The proposal arrived with hardly any public input. And she got positively irate when citizens like Mankato City Manager Tom Hedges had the temerity to challenge her pure-as-the-driven-snow motives during the single committee hearing Republicans allowed to hear concerns over the measure, prior to its introduction.


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Hedges quite correctly said the redistricting map amounted to gerrymandering -- an effort to redraw political districts to benefit one political party over another -- and Anderson cut him off. When he wouldn't back down, she interrupted him again, and then booted him before he could finish his testimony.

The only testimony Anderson wanted to hear was the kind she agreed with, and when DFL Rep. Melissa Hortman called her on her imperiousness -- "Could we allow the witnesses to just share their thoughts and not argue with them as they present it?" -- applause filled the hearing room.

Anderson then banged on her gavel and accused Hortman of an "outburst."

TheUptake caught the whole exercise, and it has now posted the video. Watch:

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