Rep. Mary Franson infuriated by Earth Day, calls it "Pagan holiday" [UPDATE]

Franson apparently wants students to "worship" "God's Nature" instead.

Franson apparently wants students to "worship" "God's Nature" instead.

The American Federation of Teachers recently put together a website that gives teachers guidance about how to commemorate Earth Day by integrating "green acts" into lesson plans.

Seems pretty innocuous, right? After all, who would take objection to students learning about how toxic fumes affect the development of seedlings?

Rep. Mary Franson, that's who. Yesterday, the first-term Republican from Alexandria -- she of 'food stamp recipients are like wild animals' fame --  took to Twitter to express outrage about the "celebration of a Pagan holiday, worship of Nature and not God's Nature."

[jump] Franson was responding to a tweet from conservative activist Sheila Kihne, who characterized the teachers' federation website as "indoctrination."

Check out the tweets for yourself:
-- Mary Franson (@MaryFranson) April 18, 2012 Celebration of God's Nature? Does Franson not realize we have a separation of church and state in this country?

:: UPDATE ::

As you might expect, since news of her tweet circulated this morning, the Twittersphere has been abuzz with folks criticizing and supporting Franson's perspective on Earth Day. But instead of backtracking, Franson has doubled-down on her give-thanks-to-God-not-earth view. She offered up the following in response to a supporter: Later in the day, she tweeted: "Big deal. So I don't like Earth Day."

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