Rep. Mary Franson: Chris Kluwe wants "to undermine traditional values"

Don't expect Franson to wear a Kluwe jersey on the campaign trail anytime soon.

Don't expect Franson to wear a Kluwe jersey on the campaign trail anytime soon.

Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, created a stir last week when she said she doesn't believe homosexuality is a normal behavior during a debate with her Democratic challenger, Bob Cunniff.


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If you've followed our coverage of Franson, you won't be surprised to learn that instead of backtracking, she's doubling down. But you might be surprised by the latest target of her vitriol.

[jump] Yesterday, Franson singled out Vikings punter Chris Kluwe -- he of 'gay marriage won't magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster' fame -- as one of the opponents of "traditional values" who is "funneling money" to Cunniff.


Here's her post:

The Twitter handles featured in Franson's post were chosen strategically, as she makes clear in a comment -- Aaron Ley is the son of Carol Wenner, a Democrat who is running against Republican Douglas County Commissioner Dan Olson, while Megan Gamble "is the finance person on MN United for All Families - the front group for destroying traditional marriage," to use Franson's words.

Picking a fight with the popular but polarizing Vikings punter seems like a strange choice, especially for a politician who is seemingly already on the ropes. Then again, little Franson says or does make sense to us, which is why she's emerged as our favorite Republican this side of Michele Bachmann.

By the way, to check out the "greatest piece of hate mail ever" referred to by Kluwe, click to page two. It's actually really hilarious.

-- Hat-tip: Bluestem Prairie's Sally Jo Sorensen