Rep. Kerry Gauthier says he's running for reelection despite rest-stop sex scandal

Gauthier won't let the rest stop scandal stop his reelection campaign.
Gauthier won't let the rest stop scandal stop his reelection campaign.

-- DFL Minority Leader Paul Thissen calls for embattled Rep. Kerry Gauthier to step down
-- Kerry Gauthier sex scandal: Are these his oral sex-seeking Craigslist posts?
-- Rep. Gauthier, 56, claims rest-stop oral sex with Craigslist boy, 17, was consensual

Rep. Kerry Gauthier, D-Duluth, will not honor the wishes of his political colleagues.

In the wake of getting busted having oral sex at a rest-stop with a 17-year-old boy he met on Craigslist, both MNGOP and DFL leaders have called for Gauthier to end his effort to win reelection this November. But during an interview with the Northland's NewsCenter, the embattled first-term legislator said he will let the voters decide his political future.

Gauthier cannot be removed from the ballot at this point, so the DFL is left to hope the party can unify around a write-in candidate. A public pronouncement by Gauthier that he's not interested in reelection may have facilitated that process, though we'll be surprised if Gauthier has many supporters left after his embarrassing rest-stop rendezvous.

District 7B is reliably Democratic -- an MNGOP source told the City Pages that victory this November would likely result in a two-years-and-out stint for Republican Travis Silvers.

The full NewsCenter interview hasn't seen the light of the internet yet, but we'll let you know exactly what Gauthier said when we do.

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