Rep. Ernie Leidiger outed for inviting Bradlee Dean to lead House prayer

GOP Rep. Ernie Leidiger, Bradlee Dean's host.

GOP Rep. Ernie Leidiger, Bradlee Dean's host.

He hasn't stepped forward on his own, but MPR is reporting that Republican Rep. Ernie Leiiger, of Mayer, was the lawmaker who invited homophobic preacher Bradlee Dean to give the House prayer this morning.

Leidiger represents District 34a, which includes the far western Minneapolis exurbs including Watrertown, Victoria, Waconia, Norwood Young America. Married with three children, this is his first term in the House.


WATCH: Bradlee Dean's bizarre prayer [VIDEO]

Speaker Kurt Zellers has already taken to the House floor to apologize to legislators for the bizarre prayer that excluded Jews and accused President Obama of not being Christian.

The timing of Dean's appearance couldn't be worse for Republicans trying to pass a proposed state constitutional ballot question seeking to ban gay marriage -- the House has been in an uproar all morning over Dean's words.

GOP Rep. Steve Gottwalt, who a lead sponsor of the proposed amendment, told Politics in Minnesota a little while ago that Dean's invitation "was atrocious."

"I cannot believe it," he told PIM. "Nobody checked this guy out."

DFL Rep. Karen Clark said that in her 30 years as a lawmaker, she has never seen "such a hateful person be allowed to deliver the opening prayer." (HT: MinnIndy)

Bradlee Dean has a documented record of hate speech, and has suggested that extremists who call for the execution of American gays are morally justified. The decision by GOP leadership to allow his intolerance, fear and outright bigotry into the 'people's house' is reprehensible.

We're still waiting to hear an explanation from Leidiger.