Rep. Duane Quam dons Vikings sombrero to amuse Kurt Zellers

Duane Quam: Legislator with a sense of humor

Duane Quam: Legislator with a sense of humor

State Representative Duane Quam received a constituent visit yesterday in support of the Vikings Stadium.

The constituent was "very pro-Vikings," Quam says, and had a Vikings poncho with him, as well as a Vikings sombrero. He suggested Quam try it on. Quam did, and walked over to the side door of the House floor so Speaker Kurt Zellers could see him.

"It was a long day and I thought he could use a little bit of comic relief," Quam says.


Quam didn't walk onto the floor of the House but wanted to catch Zellers' eye through the doorway.

"He laughed a bit," Quam says. "Seemed to appreciate it."

The gesture didn't go unnoticed amongst his colleagues: Rep. Kurt Daudt caught a glimpse of him through the door and snapped a photo for Twitter.

"We're people, we're trying to do what's right, and when it gets long, you've got to have a sense of humor," Quam reiterates.

Last night, the House of Representatives passed a Vikings Stadium bill. The Senate is taking it up today. Quam predicts that the Vikings Stadium bill will be on Governor Mark Dayton's desk by the end of the week, although Capitol observers predict a contentious battle.