Rep. Chip Cravaack says guns in the audience would've prevented Aurora shootings [VIDEO]

For Cravaack, more guns is the solution, not the problem.
For Cravaack, more guns is the solution, not the problem.

For the second time in a week, a local Republican offered up a head-scratcher of a response when asked about gun control by debate moderator Gary Eichten.

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Last week, Allen Quist, the Republican candidate squaring off against incumbent Democratic Rep. Tim Walz in the 1st Congressional District, bizarrely blamed the Accent Signage shooting on the "deterioration of the family," despite the fact that gunman Andrew Engeldinger's parents apparently made a remarkable (albeit fruitless) effort to help their son deal with mental illness.

Then yesterday, incumbent 8th District Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack said that the best way for America to deal with the recent spate of mass shootings isn't gun control, but rather more guns, including guns in movie theaters.

Here's a transcript of Cravaack's remarks, followed by the video footage (courtesy of the Uptake):

Gary Eichten: [In wake of the Aurora and Accent Signage shootings,] do we need further restrictions on gun ownership?

Cravaack: Not one more law would've banned the tragedy that happened in Aurora and Minneapolis. One more law wouldn't have. But I tell you what would've. If there was another person in that audience that had a weapon that would've been able to protect themselves and their fellow audience members.

Cravaack's Democratic opponent, former Congressman Rick Nolan, didn't pounce upon Cravaack's remark, though he did say he supports a ban on assault weapons.

"I don't need an assault weapon to shoot a duck or a deer, and I don't want to see people walking into a movie theater and classrooms with assault rifles," Nolan said after the debate, adding that he "feels very, very strongly about 2nd Amendment rights so that people can have protection and have the opportunity to go hunting."

Cravaack, for what it's worth, said during the debate that "2nd Amendment rights aren't for going hunting -- 2nd Amendment rights is [sic] to have an armed citizenry."

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