Rep. Carly Melin says it's up to voters to get medical marijuana bill back on track


In the wake of yesterday's developments, Minnesota's medical marijuana push has gone off the rails.

And with law enforcement officials showing no sign of softening their anti-pot stance -- and Governor Dayton giving no indication he'll reconsider his I'll-only-support-it-if-cops-do position -- the bill's chief House backer, Rep. Carly Melin, D-Hibbing, is urging medical marijuana supporters to exert direct pressure on elected officials.

Speaking on behalf of Melin, DFL House Communications Specialist Matt Roznowski told us, "Her thinking in terms of next steps are for Minnesotans to get involved and contact their elected officials."

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"She encourages people to call or email their state representatives, senators, and the governor to let them know where they stand on the issue," Roznowski continued. "That's the most important thing for Minnesotans to do at the moment."

We also contacted Dayton's press secretary, Matt Swenson, and asked whether it's still the case that the governor will only support a medical marijuana bill if it also has law enforcement's endorsement.

He sent us this statement from Dayton himself:

"The two months remaining in the legislative session provide ample time to negotiate medical marijuana legislation, which incorporates the legitimate concerns of not only law enforcement officers, but also many medical, mental health, and other experts."
In sum, kinda sounds like medical marijuana supporters are left in this position, doesn't it?


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