Rene Sanchez named top editor of Star Tribune [UPDATE]

Rene Sanchez named top editor of Star Tribune [UPDATE]

-- Updated with quotes --

The Star Tribune has named Rene Sanchez the newspaper's new top editor Tuesday. He assumes the role Friday, replacing Nancy Barnes after a three week search.

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Sanchez, 48, is currently the deputy managing editor for content, supervising news coverage, investigative work and projects -- a role he has held since January 2008. Before that he wrote about a range of topics, including the indefatigable Will Steger and soldiers coping with the psychological effects of war.

The announcement on the paper's website notes that Sanchez "helped conceive and lead the 2013 Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative project on local daycare deaths." Previously he'd been a reporter for the Washington Post.

Don't expect a "radical course change," Sanchez told City Pages. He remains focused on improving the coverage of Minnesota and the Twin Cities.

"Moving from one role to the next doesnt dilute those missions at all," he said.

Several Strib reporters reinforced the sentiment today on Twitter:

Sanchez's own Twitter feed is barren. He follows 68 people, many of whom work for him.

Rene Sanchez named top editor of Star Tribune [UPDATE]

"I'll probably get cracking on tipping-off people to links to good stories, things like that," he said. "But you're never gonna see me on there expressing opinions to anything."

In that sense, he's a true believer in an old school understanding of journalism. However, he said, the paper intends to continue pushing onward into the digital horizon.

"The habits of our readers are changing," he said, "and shame on us if we can't stay in stride with them."

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