Renaming of Southwest High School on Google Maps tragically misspelled

Southwest High School has, to Google, become 'Southwest Prision.'

Southwest High School has, to Google, become 'Southwest Prision.'

Advice to aspiring pranksters: If you're going to take a dig at a high school, make sure you don't spell it in a way that suggests you'd benefit from taking a few classes there. 

This suggestion follows the attempt of some mirthful internet user, who's managed to change the name of Southwest High School as it appears on Google maps. This person wanted to call it 'Southwest Prison.'

They got pretty close. 


We don't even know how one manages to edit the place listing on a Google map... but don't you think if you did somehow hack the system, you'd take the time to spell it right? Or that if you messed it up, you'd go back and fix it? 

The public high school also joins other recent entries (churches! Cemeteries!) of things we didn't know needed to be reviewed online; some 36 users have rated Southwest Prision (formerly Southwest High School), and most have done so favorably, giving the school a cumulative score of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

One recent review lodged a very specific complaint about school facilities. It reads as follows:

"This the kinda school where if u go in the boys bathroom, the unspoken rule of one or more urinal between each guy is broken. Trust me it happened. There's just no way an upstanding school has delinquents who go the urinal next to you. Sad"

Huh. This review -- which came with a one-star rating -- received a response from the "owner," ostensibly a reference to the school/prison/prision itself... though we sort of doubt it was some Southwest school administrator who wrote this:

I am truely sorry for your experience. Lemme know if you like any rubber ducks

That's one of several strange back-and-forth exchanges between reviewers and this "owner," who at one point agrees with a comment that the school is "ghetto," while adding the "Debate team [is] fun [as fuck]."

Youth is wasted on the young, and the chance to mess with a high school's online presence is apparently wasted on people who have trouble stringing together a complete sentence without misspellings.