Remember that time Al Franken roasted Bill O'Reilly? [VIDEO]

Jim Gehrz; Fox News

Jim Gehrz; Fox News

It's been a bad week for TV's shoutiest political pundit, Bill O'Reilly.

Fox News ousted the O'Reilly Factor host following a wave of sexual harassment allegations against him, which also spurred an exodus of more than 50 advertisers.  

If O'Reilly wasn't a bloviating bully of the highest order, it'd probably be in poor taste to post a video of Al Franken gleefully dismantling him. This man just lost his job, after all. 

Alas, let's go back to BookExpo America 2003. 

O'Reilly was in L.A. promoting Who’s Looking Out For You? ("we name names, we don't call names," he promises of the book); Franken was plugging Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, his satirical book featuring Bill's mug on the cover. 

Smirking mightily, the future Minnesota senator took the podium just after the future disgraced cable host left it. 

Franken couldn't resist tearing into O'Reilly, who was seated a couple feet away. O'Reilly, fiddling with his pen and staring daggers, sat angrily as Franken debunked his claim that his old show, the tabloidy Inside Edition, won Peabody Awards.

"So Bill, I'm sorry I call ya one of the many people who do lie in my book," the razor-witted Franken concluded. "I guess we're gonna have some question and answer, so you're gonna have a chance to respond to that."

Within 30 seconds, O'Reilly -- a man who does not call names -- hurls "idiot" and "shut up" at Franken. Get your popcorn ready.