REI Garage Sale: Stimulate the economy with Gore-tex

REI Garage Sale: Stimulate the economy with Gore-tex

The REI garage sale is something of a legendary thing among outdoor enthusiasts. It gives a person a chance to purchase those $400 polar fleece lined jackets for something like $20. I’ve witnessed old northwest pros (some of whom were at the first garages sales put on by the Kent, Washington based company) barter down prices that are already 80 percent off the retail price. A friend once got me a pair of $120 cycling shoes for $11 bucks. But the thing about the sale is that like most sales, it is first come first serve. And the best buys go quick.

At the flagship store in Seattle, people camp out the night before the event. Shoppers can expect the same thing this Saturday at the Bloomington store. Usually, the campers are from the local outdoor recreation clubs or local colleges. But sometimes they are hardened climbers or adventurers of the Christopher McCandless variety, who use this sale as their only annual venture into civilization.

Unless you’re an Uptown hipster wanting to ironically battle the elements by wearing custom Nike Dunks with a $14 flannel, which I admit to having personal experience with, the REI sale is the best way to score a ton of high priced outdoor swag on the cheap.

Also: The sale comes at a perfect time. Things are getting cold again and I’m starting to think that Palin woman is onto something about the whole global warming myth. Although, that thought vanishes when I put on a coat…

Anyways, think of this sale as the yeoman’s $700 billion dollar bailout. And it starts this Saturday at 9 a.m. Drop a load of cash for the economy of Bloomington, for America, for everyone who struggles to find a set of Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro Step-in Crampons that will match their apricot colored Mountain Hardwear EV 3 tent.

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