Reece Donahue, douchebag of the week, tossed cat to the ceiling

Ophelia the cat, before she got beat up

Ophelia the cat, before she got beat up

Reece Donahue is 23 years old and still hasn't learned the basic rule of being human: No matter how frustrated you are, it's not okay to throw animals around.

But that's just what Donahue, who wins the Douchebag of the Week award, did to poor Ophelia the cat.

St. Paul police found Ophelia hiding in the living room closet when they visited Donahue's apartment in St. Paul Saturday. Tufts of her fur were stuck to the ceiling, and blood was on her nose and mouth.


Before the unfortunate meeting with Donahue, Ophelia the cat had already had a hard enough life. She'd made her way to the Caring for Cats shelter in St. Paul because someone else didn't want her. And then she got super unlucky: Donahue decided to bring her home.

Donahue must have put on his best cat-lover face, because he passed the background check. But there was an animal-hater lurking inside that cat-loving exterior. Around 6 a.m. on Saturday, about two hours before police got the call, Donahue posted on his Facebook: "1 kitty is going to die tonight!"

Donahue's roommate called police, complaining that he'd been drinking and was throwing stuff around their apartment, at 1276 Wilson Ave. Donahue was arrested on suspicion of gross-misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Ophelia is now back at the shelter eating normally, but acting understandably skittish. People who would like to adopt her can call Caring For Cats at 651-407-8485. The adoption fee is $125.