Red Wing tries to get "Wigger Wednesday" racism lawsuit thrown out

Red Wing doesn't see what's so bad.

Red Wing doesn't see what's so bad.

The school lawsuit that's making a fool out of white kids who tried to dress, talk, and act black shouldn't even be heard in court, according to the Red Wing School District.

Earlier this week, Red Wing School District's attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed last month by Quera Pruitt, a former Red Wing High School student who alleged that the school's "Wigger Wednesday" was a racist activity, and that it was upheld by teachers and administrators.

In the district's motion to dismiss, it was forced to use a bit of unfortunate phrasing, asking that the suit be thrown out "with prejudice." Well, of course, guys -- that's the whole point!

This is exactly the kind of thing that white people always do when you sue them.


According to Pruitt's suit, what was once "Tropical Day," when kids dressed in island gear and Hawaiian shirts, took a pretty grim turn in 2009 when dozens of kids -- every one of them pasty white -- started dressing up like black "gangsta" students.

This Texas "wigger" isn't so bad, right, guys?

This Texas "wigger" isn't so bad, right, guys?

Apparently their throwback jerseys, tilted Yankees hats and gang colors didn't sit right with an actual black person, and Pruitt asked that the 60-70 kids participating be forced to remove all the offensive dress. They were, but she's since alleged that the whole thing was so offensive it created a bad environment for her education.

When City Pages first reached out to Pruitt's lawyer Joshua Williams, he was pretty blunt about the whole thing.

"To her, and frankly to me, 'Wigger Day' is the same thing as 'Nigger Day,'" Williams said.

Pruitt filed suit against the school's principal, the district's superintendent, and the entire district, alleging she'd been forced to go to school in an environment hostile to black kids. Pruitt's lawsuit demanded $75,000 in damages for emotional distress.

Now that it's been forced to answer for the day in queestion, Red Wing School District doesn't deny that Wigger Wednesday took place: It just says Pruitt should, essentially, chill out.

The district filed a supplement in support of its motion to dismiss, alleging, among other things, that Pruitt hasn't proven that teachers and administrators knew that this thing was racist.

[P]laintiff asserts similarly conclusory statements that, at the time of "Wigger Day" school officials were aware of its racist nature and that it would likely create a racially hostile environment ... Moreover, plaintiff‟s allegations do not establish racial harassment "so severe, pervasive or objectively offensive it deprived African-American students of the educational opportunities" provided by the District.

Okay, so, there's two points here. First, how could any teacher know that "Wigger Day" was racist, with all of them being white people from Red Wing? And second, even if it was a little racist, was it so racist that it, like, bothered this girl?

Beyond that response, school superintendent Karsten Anderson pointed out in the motion to dismiss that he wasn't actually on the job at the time of Wigger Day. Even still, he's now put in the sticky situation of saying he had nothing to do with Wigger Day, but there's nothing all that bad about it anyway.

After graduating in 2010, Pruitt moved to Little Rock, Arkansas. Though her civil complaint failed to point this out, there are few statements about racism in a given area more damning than this: In order to get away from small town Minnesota's racism, she moved to Arkansas.