Recounting Coleman and Franken Peeps

The Pioneer Press Peeps Diorama content makes Easter bearable. Especially when people can poke fun at news stories that make our lives hell like the Senate recount.

The paper on the other side of the river holds an annual contest where people make scenes featuring those ridiculous quasi-marshmallow creatures you probably aren't eating anyway.

Check the full image and some of our other favorites below.

This diorama was created by the Muehlhausen Family in Stillwater.

Here is their description:

Now marking the tardiest U.S. Senate race in Peep history, Al Franken Peep and Norm Coleman Peep have argued for months about ballots. Now Peep Judges Elizabeth Hayden, Denise Reilly and Kurt Marben are left to decide Minnesota's next Senator--all while Pamela Howell's 'missing trunk ballot' testimony is allowed-not allowed-allowed-not allowed again, angering Lizard People across the nation, and putting the media and Peep-le across the state to sleep.
Our other favorites: PNC (Peeps National Convention) Riots, iPeeps, U.S. Peepways, Peep on Wire, Peep Eats Spoon's Cherry.

Look through the full gallery here. Tell us which entries are your favorites.