Recount trial roundup: Campaign number crunching, rejected ballots

The courtroom closes for the weekend and the battle between Norm Coleman and Al Franken doesn't stop. Franken was back on the interview circuit, reporters start crunching FEC filing numbers, and another searchable absentee ballot database.

Franken started talking to the media again. We reported on some of those appearances last week, but Franken also did a longer Sunday interview live with WCCO's Esme Murphy. Watch Franken's interview here

MinnPost looked through the enormous Federal Election Commission filings by the Coleman and Franken campaigns. The filings almost total 1,000 combined. Yikes. 

The latest filings show contributions and expenses from Nov. 25 till Dec. 31 of last year. 

Franken's numbers, from MinnPost:
Local law firm of Fredrickson & Byron, of which Franken lawyer David Lillehaug is a partner, was paid $271,647 for its legal work during that period. The Washington law firm of Perkins Cole, of which lead recount attorney Marc Elias and top litigator Kevin Hamilton are partners, received about $389,276 in fees.
Coleman's numbers:
The Dorsey & Whitney firm received a flat $20,000 so far. Lead recount lawyer Fritz Knaak's firm was paid about $85,000.
You can look at the filings at the FEC site: Coleman's and Franken's.

Was your absentee ballot rejected? Pioneer Press took Coleman's idea and made their own database of absentee ballots. You can search by your name to check your ballot's status.