Recount trial: Coleman's team to finish arguments this week


Norm Coleman's election contest is in its fifth week and his attorney says they will be wrapping up their arguments this week in the case. Coleman trails by 225 votes after the recount.

"I think we'll be done this week," Coleman attorney Ben Ginsberg told the Pioneer Press Monday. Not just done with one piece of the case, but "done, done."

Up next: Al Franken's legal team will present their side of the case which could take weeks. At least it feels like the case is making some progress finally.

The big unanswered question of the case: How many previously rejected absentee votes will actually be counted when the case is complete? The number is still debatable and the final rulings could be controversial.

Coleman's team went through the list of votes Franken hopes to have counted and claimed even he was having trouble following rules. There are no angels in this trial, but we already knew that. Coleman has been criticized for presenting absentee votes that were clearly not legal.

Coleman's team says Franken is trying to count the votes of dead people. Yes, you heard us right.

More from the PiPress:

Late Monday, the Republican posted three ballot envelopes Franken included on his list of votes that should be counted. Each of the envelopes came from voters who the Coleman campaign says were, in fact, dead on Election Day. Minnesota law requires all voters to be alive on the day of the election to have their votes counted.