Recount trial: 'Coleman is in a bubble running out of oxygen'


The three-judge panel hasn't been very willing to change their ways despite criticism from Norm Coleman's legal team. As their efforts continue to be denied, Minnesota political talking heads aren't giving Coleman much of a chance of pulling this off.

Just when you've thought you have heard from University of Minnesota political science professor Lawrence Jacbos, he pulls out this quote in the Star Tribune: "Coleman is in a bubble running out of oxygen."


More from the Star Tribune:

"It's very hard, the way it's set up right now, for him to be able to win," said David Schultz, a Hamline University law professor specializing in elections.

"Very slim," was how Duke University law Prof. Guy-Uriel Charles characterized Coleman's current chances.

Coleman is currently behind by 225 votes. Many expect that his legal team is setting up an appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

There are an estimate 3,300 rejected absentee ballots that could still be considered and about 2,000 to 2,500 will likely be opened.

"On the one hand, 225 votes out of 2.9 million cast is puny, but when you have to make up 225 votes out of perhaps 2,000, it becomes much more daunting," Jacobs told the Star Tribune.

Franken has also identified 804 ballots he wants the court to reconsider.

In other recount news, the Republican National Committee has sent $250,000 to Coleman's effort, Politico says.