Recount trial: 1,500 rejected absentee ballots will be inspected


Norm Coleman's chances have dwindled in the last week, but yet another decision Thursday is continuing to give his team a fighting chance.

The three-judge panel in his election contest ordered the inspection of 1,500 rejected absentee envelopes. The local officials will be looking for registration cards inside the envelopes that could make the ballot legal.

Although Coleman's campaign wants to open as many ballots as possible to overturn Al Franken's 225-vote lead, it is still unknown how the votes will devide.

More from the Star Tribune:

Lawyers for Democrat Al Franken and for Coleman, a Republican, had agreed to the inspection of secrecy envelopes. Both sides said they were pleased with the order.

While more than half of the secrecy envelopes to be inspected are from counties that Franken carried by more than 10 percentage points, most of those are from Hennepin and Ramsey, where Republican-leaning suburbs could favor Coleman. The two campaigns identified roughly the same number of secrecy envelopes to inspect.