Recount recap: Coleman gains a lead, but is it legitimate?

We started out the week with more counting and Norm Coleman gained a slightly bigger lead against Al Franken in votes counted. Coleman now leads by 344 votes, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State. The Star Tribune says Coleman is up 340 votes. 

We keep updating you on the difference in vote totals, but what does it even mean? It's hard to tell. With 92 percent of the votes counted, the two candidates have challenged nearly 6,000 ballots.

The SOS released 1,000 of the contested ballots and Minnesota Public Radio says most of them have easily determined intent: 

About 350 were clearly votes for Coleman. 330 were clear Franken votes. Another 100 or so wouldn't go to either candidate under state law. That left only 206 ballots where the law didn't provide clear guidance about what to do with the vote.
The Star Tribune says the candidates note the high number of challenges and hope to address it before the official meeting mid-December.  

The lead recount lawyer for DFLer Al Franken said the campaign would this week announce the withdrawal of "more than dozens" of challenges made on behalf of the candidate. A spokesman for U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman countered later Monday, saying the senator's campaign was "prepared to sit down with the Franken campaign to discuss how to reduce the number of frivolous ballot challenges."