Recall Randy recalls last election

class=img_thumbleft>St. Paul Mayor

Randy Kelly

's recent plea to forgive and forget his endorsement of President Bush in last year's election campaign didn't sate the folks at

. Matching the color scheme of Kelly's opponent, DFL-endorsed

Chris Coleman

, the organization's red, white, and blue "Republican Randy" signs have been cropping up around the capital city over the last few weeks. Very little info about the organization can be found on their website. A piece in the

St. Paul Pioneer Press

from August 2004 [via

Minnesota Democrats Exposed

] states twin brothers David and Daniel Duddingston launched the site (and a failed petition drive) in response to Kelly's endorsement of Bush. The new lawn signs prominently feature the phrase "We Remember," which isn't too difficult, noting the parade of Republicans, including Norm Coleman, Tim Pawlenty, Rudy Giuliani, and Tom Neuville, who have recently been stumping for the mayor.

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