Rebranded "Winona County Conservatives" now threatening armed resistance

The new name distances the page from the MNGOP.
The new name distances the page from the MNGOP.

In November, the "Winona County Republican Party" Facebook page shared a doctored image of the Obamas that alluded to racial stereotypes about blacks. In response to that and other instances where county-level MNGOP units got themselves in trouble for offensive posts, state Republican officials vowed to create and disseminate social media best practices guidelines.

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But those guidelines didn't stop Winona County Republicans from publishing questionable stuff on Facebook, as earlier this month the page shared images comparing Hillary Clinton to satan and alleging Democrats are waging a "war on babies and Christians." (Because after all, what tried-and-true liberal doesn't hate wee ones?)

Shortly after those posts were shared, Winona County Republicans held a meeting where our coverage of their ridiculousness was on the agenda.

"We will be discussing City Pages and their contribution to our organization," an email publicizing the December 21 meeting said, according to the Bluestem Prairie political blog.

Days later, in a likely effort to distance the constantly controversial Facebook page from the MNGOP, the "Winona County Republican Party" rebranded itself as "Winona County Conservatives."

Whatever they're calling themselves these days, whoever moderates the page is up to the same old tricks, as a post published yesterday goes as far as to threaten armed resistance to the government:

Rebranded "Winona County Conservatives" now threatening armed resistance

So if you find yourself working for a political campaign in 2014 -- especially a Democratic one -- be extra careful when door-knocking down there!

h/t -- Bluestem Prairie

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