Rebecca Hill regularly gave her 12-year-old daughter heroin and pot

Prosecutors say Hill and her daughter would steal clothes, sell them, and then buy heroin.
Prosecutors say Hill and her daughter would steal clothes, sell them, and then buy heroin.

There's still a couple months left in 2012, but it'll be tough to defeat Rebecca Hill for Bad Mom of the Year.

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Hill, 37, was arrested along with her 12-year-old daughter at the Macy's in the Mall of America on October 12 after they were busted shoplifting. Hill's daughter began staying with her father, and she told him the next day that she'd been regularly smoking heroin with her mother. The girl was experiencing withdrawal and was taken to the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital.

When initially detained by police, Hill gave police a false name and said she lived in California. But with the aid of a fingerprint database, law enforcement was able to discover her true identity. Hill later admitted to police she and her daughter were homeless and sleeping most nights in a car Hill had stolen from a relative after borrowing it.

From KARE:

Investigators were able to make contact with the girl's father, who told them that Hill had been smoking heroin and marijuana with the 12-year-old for several weeks, and driving around with her in a car stolen from a relative. The child told her father that she was suffering from withdrawal so he took her to a hospital, where she tested positive for both heroin and marijuana.

The child was sick and depressed, and reported cutting herself on her wrists and thighs.

When questioned, Hill admitted to buying heroin for herself and her daughter and going on binges, smoking it 3 or more times a day for a period of several weeks. She told investigators she kept providing the drugs so her daughter wouldn't go through withdrawal.

The Star Tribune provides some details about the lifestyle Hill and her daughter were living during the weeks before the Macy's incident:

The father told police Hill borrowed the car from her aunt and never returned it, the charges said. Police searched the car at the Mall of America parking lot, where they found "a large amount" of brand new clothing, a marijuana pipe, aluminum foil with visual burn marks, the odor of heroin and other drug paraphernalia. After noticing the car's license plate did not match the vehicle, they found the matching plates in the trunk.

Charges say Hill admitted knowing her aunt had reported the vehicle stolen to police so she switched license plates. She added that she knew "a lady" who bought stolen clothes, and her plan was to steal and sell clothing. She said she usually brought her daughter along with her when she shoplifted.

She admitted to being a heroin user, and that she bought the drug for her daughter regularly after a "neighbor friend" first provided it to the girl. Hill told investigators she used the drug with her daughter three times daily for the past several weeks.

Since being liberated from her mother, Hill's daughter has made progress in therapy and school, the Strib reports.

Hill, meanwhile, will remain behind bars unless she can post $50,000 for conditional bail that would require her to remain away from her daughter and drug-free (unconditional bail is set at $75,000). She faces felony child endangerment and sale of a controlled substance charges that could keep her in prison for 25 years. Her next court appearance is scheduled for November 19.

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