Realtor Steven Skar sued over sexual escapades in client's house

The Bunge family leaves home.
The Bunge family leaves home.
Photo:loop oh

So attorney Adam Bunge and his wife Sarah, a Lutheran pastor, jet off for a working holiday in London, and put their Maple Grove home up for sale while they're away. They figure their broker, Steven Skar, will prep the house for market and get them a decent price. But according to a new lawsuit, Skar turned the home into a gay sex pad.

A suspicious neighbor e-mailed Bunge about "weird stuff" going on at the house in May: lights on at an odd hour, strange comings and goings and the like. So Bunge gave permission for the neighbor and a relative to check the house out.

It was a wreck. The Strib reported that Skar's former Coldwell Banker supervisor came over and was shocked to find soiled sheets, towels, robes furniture and a woman's negligee.

The Bunges' suit against Skar and Coldwell, filed in Hennepin County District Court by St. Paul attorneys Kelly Hadac and Daniel Haws, says Coldwell acknowledges the "unauthorized sexual escapades" and spent $7,482 to change the home's locks, hire professional cleaners and replace all soiled items.

So who got into the Bunge home, partied hard and left without picking up? The Maple Grove police are investigating. Meanwhile, Skar's out of a job; Coldwell fired him in May and the Commerce Department revoked his license.

His lawyer denies Skar was involved in anything improper.

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