"Real World" star Sean Duffy leads race to replace Dave Obey

Over the course of his 41 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, and now as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Wisconsin's David Obey has accumulated power and prestige. 

Now that he's retiring, Wisconsin looks like it might  replace him with a former cast member of "The Real World."

Sean Duffy, the 39-year-old who first graced the small screen in 1997's "Real World Boston," has been running against Obey for a year.

Sure, go ahead and make fun of the fact that Duffy's also appeared on the "Real World Road Rules Challenge." And that he met his wife, a cast member of "Real World San Francisco," on the set of "Road Rules All-Stars." 

Snicker at how his three National Lumberjack Championships titles might somehow qualify him for office -- his specialty was the speed climb.

But Duffy, a Hayward native, has spent the last eight years as the Ashland County District Attorney. 

The National Republican Congressional Committee has named him a "Young Gun," and he's been endorsed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty's political action committee.

Sounds like he can tell reality from "reality TV." But, does Wisconsin's 7th congressional district want to switch the channel. We'll keep you posted.

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