Real estate site names Minneapolis the best place to raise a family

Whether you grew up in Minneapolis or are currently raising a brood here, the real estate brokerage site ZipRealty has good news: Based on the sweet spot where good public schools meet affordable real estate, the Minneapolis area is the best place for families.

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The ranking is the site's first, a product of the intersection of its "School Score" (test scores and class sizes) with its cost analysis ("the median price per square foot within the school district," the site explains).

The top ten list that emerges from that algorithm-of-sorts reads like a roundup of the places we tend to see on these lists alongside us. Minneapolis, though, comes in in the top spot. ZipRealty spotlights the Westonka Public Schools, on the west side of Lake Minnetonka, in particular, assigning the district a 9.6 out of 10 ranking.

"People continue to relocate to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area because of affordable housing prices, quality school systems, its many cultural activities, such as a booming music scene, and the burgeoning economic sector," said Lanny Baker, ZipRealty's CEO and President, in a statement.

Add this one to the increasingly-crowded shelf with the rest of Minneapolis's top ten accolades.

Here's the full list:

2. Chicago area
3. Portland area
4. Philadelphia area
5. Austin area
6. Westchester, New York area
7. Dallas area
8. Seattle area
9. Boston area
10. Orange County, California

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