Readers respond to Year in Music


The Sound of Music

I was thrilled to see Solid Gold on the cover of this week's issue ("Year in Music," 12/17/08), but when I read the article I was very upset. The feature is a yearbook of local music, yet you are missing two of the best albums of the year: The Acid Test by the Melismatics and The Dark, Delirious Morning by Chris Koza! Another thing, you said that "Clear Channel-owned Drive 105 canceled Homegrown"! There's a whole lot wrong with that sentence. I work for that station and I can tell you Drive was not owned by Clear Channel, we were ABC Radio but had a merger with Citadel Broadcasting. And we didn't necessarily cancel Homegrown. We had an unfortunate change in format and Homegrown simply didn't fit the new format!

Cecilia Garza
St. Paul

A nice problem to have

About your Year in Music '08, I'm so glad you could squeeze it in between all your advertising, wouldn't want to make it too long. Looks like you guys won't be needing no bailout anytime soon, maybe you could put a couple bucks in the middle of your free mag so you can look yourself in the mirror someday.


Let them eat lutefisk

As if crackheads stealing aluminum siding and copper pipes wasn't bad enough, now this! Your article went into great detail about Olsen Fish Company producing lutefisk for lovers of lye-and-cod-based fish delicacies the world over, hooray, but somehow neglected to mention that Olsen Fish Company is in the Hawthorne neighborhood of north Minneapolis. You know, my neighborhood doesn't always get good publicity, but I don't whine about it. I expect journalists to tell the truth, and if a negative event truthfully happened in the Hawthorne neighborhood, then it is informative and accurate and probably fair to mention the name of the neighborhood. Sure. But how is it when something good happens like (in this case) "the world's largest chunk of phlegm," our neighborhood doesn't get named? This hurts, City Pages. This really hurts. So, to make it up to my neighborhood, just give me a chance to say this: Support the spunky Hawthorne neighborhood in its brave struggle to revitalize! Eat more lutefisk!

John Hoff

Bum rap

I can't believe all the angry comments that reporter Matt Snyders got for writing about his weeklong experience of living on the street (Letters, 11/26/08). This was not a statement about "representing" homeless people or having "done" their experience, but an article by one of the Twin Cities' best writers about the day-to-day situation that some people in our community face. He previously wrote an article about hanging out at the Mall of America for a week. I found both articles quite interesting and do not blame Snyders for going home to a comfortable situation after the week was up. Who wouldn't if he was able?

Bill McGaughey

Homesick for Spam

Great article, Rachel ("Spam: It's not just for inboxes anymore," 12/1/08)! Who knew that Spam had such a long history tied to that of our nation and the state of Minnesota? While I (Megan) still have never had Spam, Philippines-raised Jonathan grew up on it, eating it with garlic rice and eggs. He still enjoys it, because "it tastes like home."

Megan & John
New York City

Spam: It's what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

I recently moved back from Hawaii, one of the biggest Spam consumers in the world. You can actually buy the Spam sushi called Spam musubi in 7-11 in Hawaii. Also, the Mickey D's have the big breakfast with Spam. In case that's not enough, you can check out the annual Spam block party in Waikiki! By the way, I've done all three and I have to say I like it! One of my faves, though, is Spam kabobs.


Spam for singles

What could be better than a sandwich of Spam, lightly pan-fried, with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo, on rye or pumpernickel bread? Not for a steady diet, but with Spam Singles, a person can indulge this plebian taste periodically with minimal guilt.

Uncle Sid