Readers respond to "Trapped"


I applaud Eileen Biernat for bringing such a horrifying and fascinating story to light. I am looking forward to the book's release!

St. Paul

This man should be committed for the rest of his life. He should have gotten life in prison for what he did. He killed a little boy, for God's sake. He is still young enough to be plenty of trouble for someone else—if not the very same victims all over again.

St. Paul

I can't say enough about how this article was written. Superb. I pray the right justice happens for this guy come March 8. No one in the community needs to be afraid again, especially Mary and her family.


These sickos are dangerous and need to be put down like the wild animals they are!


To comment on Beth's current marital and family status when you say yourself she has not wanted to comment on the book is reckless and an invasion into her life, and it's potentially dangerous to her family, if she indeed has one.

St. Paul

Hopefully this very well-written article can raise a public outcry to keep this man in jail, and he can never harm them or anyone else ever again. The question I have is, how could the courts have given him the tapes [of the crime] back? They were of an illegal activity. If you're convicted of possessing drugs, it's not like you can say, Hey, court, give me back my drugs. I don't get it at all. Thankfully somebody erased them.


This guy should be locked up for life. I don't care if he has gotten psychological counseling during his time in prison, I don't think he should ever be set free to possibly prey upon the public. What he did was too horrible to imagine, and it is due to the courage and stamina of this mother and child that they were able to assume somewhat of a normal existence again. Nothing can excuse this person for what he did.

Marilyn White
Kansas City, Kansas

The story is horrifying and intriguing. I, too, hope Shiue is not granted parole or release. But this writing is execrable and could have used the hand of a good editor.


Thank you for drawing attention to this stain of a human being, but I think the attention also needs to be focused on his family. If this loony gets out, where will he go? Where does his family live? I highly advise you to do the same internet search to find them and begin drawing the public eye to them.


Favre's Comeback No. 3

I love the idea of encouraging Favre's return with the billboard ("Have You Seen This Quarterback?" 2/10/10), but criticizing his last pass against the Saints leaves me exasperated. Favre played a superhuman game despite being hammered all game long. Even watching the game on TV, you could tell he was done on that last drive and he just wanted to do some short running plays to get them closer for a field-goal attempt. They were already close enough to kick a field goal (51 yards), then they got a too-many-men-in-the-huddle penalty! That is the mistake everyone should be focusing on.

Favre is the knight we need to ride us to a Super Bowl victory.

Pete Clifford
St. Catharines