Readers respond to "The World's Most Ambitious Cover Band"


Radiohead revisited

Just a quick note here to thank you for publishing the story on our Radiohead project ("The World's Most Ambitious Cover Band," 2/4/09). We are all just so very grateful for the publicity—it's more than we ever could've imagined or asked for. We think the article is beautiful. Bradley is exceptional and does magnificent work. I hope he wins some kind of award! Keep up the great work!

Marc Ziegenhagen, on behalf of Thom, Scott, Nate, Imran & Paul—"What's That? (a Radiohead Project)

Dads have rights, too

Thank you, City Pages, and thank you, Erin for writing about the need for reform in child custody court proceedings ("A Father's Rights," 2/4/09). I am a mother, step-mother, and wife of a great father to both his kids. We spent thousands of dollars in order to have 50/50 custody of his son. Despite documented domestic abuse between the child's mother and her boyfriend with her children as witnesses and resulting in her arrest, she was allowed to keep 50 percent custody and was supported in her mothering throughout the entire custody evaluation. She also had free legal council.

There is a terrific bias against men in child custody proceedings and plenty of data to support it. The fathers who are asking for a Presumption of Joint Physical Custody are not money-motivated, they just want to see their kids. It is the child-support collection agencies, special-interest groups funded by the government, and court officials who get paid during court proceedings who are money-motivated. As a result, they are preventing the data from being released. It is such a waste of taxpayer dollars and so hurtful to our children. End the fighting: Support equal rights in child custody courts for our kids.

Kim W.

A letter that made our day

I think publishing "An Open Letter to the Man Who Raped My Wife" (1/7/09) was really a helpful, progressive, perhaps brave thing to do. From the comments (online), it seems to have bothered some people, but...sometimes the truth hurts. Good job!

Allan Anderson

The tragedy of This Modern World

In the recent past I have missed the political cartoon by Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World, in several of the last few issues of City Pages. When I pick up a copy of City Pages, I immediately turn the first few pages to find that feature, which I believe to be one of the very best political critiques in this country. When that feature is missing, my preference is to just leave that copy of City Pages in its stand. I do not know what goes into the decision that causes that feature to be printed or to be bypassed on a certain week. But if you need some encouragement to publish that political cartoon every week that it is available, please consider this to be a plea for that case. One more thing: The cartoon is easier to read when it is only in black and white rather than in color. If you have control over the format, please consider returning to the black-and-white format.

Enrique Gentzsch

Where does Neil Gaiman live?

The film "highlight" note of Coraline in the February 4 issue refers to the source novella as "by Minnesota resident Neil Gaiman," who in fact famously lives in western Wisconsin. Perhaps City Pages could take some of the money they saved by dumping Tom Tomorrow and use it to hire a fact checker.

Dennis Lien

Stop calling Kevin Byrne

This letter is related to the January 28 story of the power struggle at the Minneapolis charter school ("Who's the Boss?"). It just so happens that there is more than one Kevin Byrne in the phone book and as far as I know the only thing they have in common is the name.

To the man who called the wrong Kevin Byrne anonymously and left a crude message on our answering machine: Let me suggest that in the future you be man enough to put your name and comments in print for all to read. Otherwise you're no better than the man you intended to harass.

Kevin Byrne

Yelling "Fired!" in a crowded theater

I'm pretty appalled by the fact that this city's alternative paper is cutting down its theater coverage. I'm from the East Coast, and when I tell people I moved to Minneapolis, they ask, "Why?" often accompanied by a look like I'm crazy. I patiently educate them that Minneapolis has a great arts scene and an amazingly vibrant theater community. Well, thanks for proving me wrong. If City Pages cuts its theater reviews in half and all the dailies just review the Guthrie and Broadway tours, the theater community has just dimmed to a weary 60-watt bulb.

Victoria Stewart