Readers respond to "The One-Man Housing Crisis"

This is so sad. I grew up in the area. There were some of the best-built homes in the city. They were reasonably priced and built with pride.

I really don't think renters are the problem. There are plenty of well-maintained rental properties all over the Twin Cities. They are just owned by people and companies who look at the long-term success of that property, not a quick buck (or million).

Koenig should rot in one of these houses he built.

Comment by From the Northside
from St. Anthony

I am a renter of Mr. Paul Koenig, and the things my family has gone through because of his lack of caring as a landlord has been horrific. We have to wash our dishes in the bathtub. Our kitchen sink and dishwasher are all backed up. Everything we put in our fridge freezes, our furnace works when it wants; it's either too cold or way too hot. Our ceiling is separating from the walls—there are cracks in the wall along with mold. Our deck is clearly falling apart.

Not to mention he was supposed to take care of trash removal, as in the lease agreement! Prior to us moving in we did not see trash removal for six weeks. We got mice, gnats, flies—you name it, we got it. Over half of our furniture, important papers, clothes, etc. were non-salvagable due to having to bomb our house. We had to pay for it because Pamiko properties would not.

My son had always been a healthy boy until we moved here. We were promised that things would get fixed and worked around us. We went to court because we withheld rent. Our agreement in court was we pay and he fixes. The whole time he was supposed to fix things he went ghost! We sent him a text telling him we were sending out more of the money, but before we did our neighbors came over scared because their side of the house was going into foreclosure...and to find out he is not the owner listed on their side nor ours!

Why should we give our hard-earned money to him when he doesn't even own the house? We called him out on it, and he told us he was going to evict us. Right after we got off the phone with him, he called our neighbor and offered them our side. Now we will be back in court next week with him.

This is clearly retaliation. He is in over his head because the truth is finally coming out, and the worst part of this is that this isn't just happening in Minneapolis, this is happening in the suburbs as well, and that's what people don't know! We will not give up but hold strong, not just for us but for everyone else who has to live in conditions like ours due to the lack of care by Pamiko properties.

Paul Koenig is a scam artist. It will come to an end. We are going to make sure of that!

Comment by lhrenee
from south of the river

Renters will continue to receive substandard treatment until renters start exercising renters' responsibility to enforce renters' rights.

Comment by Aaron English

Vampire Bites

Sharkey, have you looked in the mirror lately? You're losing your hair.

Comment by goddammittohell

Actually, my natural hair color is light brown, and when the dye starts to wash out, it looks thinner because it is not as dark.

Comment by Jonathon the Impaler Sharkey
from Rochester, MN

I have never had so much fun on a blog. Thank you, City Pages!

Count Suckula, I should thank you too. I've gotten more belly laughs from your inane posturing than anything I've read in the last year. Wooooeeee. You're like a train wreck, Sharkey. I just can't stop lookin'.

Comment by tess

Oh my God, that video was priceless. Let's have a rundown, shall we, and let me know if any of you disagree.

It's hard to be tough when:

1. You're fat, balding, and punch like a girl.

2. You're trying to speak, but it's obvious you're out of breath.

3. You attempt to cut a promo and fail at whatever accent you're trying to do.

4. You prove you're not fat by showing a fat gut.

5. You can't write a sentence properly. "Once again, let's see if Steve Wilkos ACCEPT my challenge." It's accepts, not accept. Check your writing before posting a video.

Comment by Richard Mullenax
from Cleveland

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