Readers respond to "The Men in Red"


Vulcanic disruption

Just what grandma needs: a bunch of big, fat, red-faced, red-suited drunkards crashing through the nursing home, carrying out their "special volunteerism" ("The Men in Red," 2/17/09). The Vulcans are stupid, and anyone who'd be one ought to have a psychological evaluation performed to determine just what need they're meeting by making a complete fool of themselves. Holing up in the Kelly Inn? Ick!

Felonious Monk

Hail the Vulc!

You have no idea what these guys do. The Winter Carnival would be nothing without these guys. These guys are so community driven and involved that they are more popular than the Royal Family (sorry Boreas). The guys that apply to be part of the Vulcan Krewe do not do it for themselves, but for the city of St. Paul. Granted, there have been times where they have gotten out of hand, but there are former Vulcans there to help guide them and correct them when need be.

There is over 125 years of tradition, 300-plus Fire and Brimstone members, and their wives and children that would "go to the wall" for any of their "brothers in red." For you to say that the ones who apply to become "one of these guys" should have their head examined, well over half of St. Paul would be in line. "Hail the Vulc!"

Lady of Ashes
St. Paul

Your government at work

The city council continues to spend time studying a "problem" they don't have evidence exists ("No More Happy Hours," 2/17/09). The report says binge drinking is a problem, not that happy hour contributes to binge drinking.

Not only are these make-work projects, they are a direct hit on businesses and individuals suffering in these economic times. At the same time we are going to pay for a Twins stadium and are getting pushed to pay for a Vikings stadium.

Looks to me like the motto for Minneapolis City Council is: "Look busy and think of ways to make the taxpayers pay more."


It's the whiskey talking

How can I express my opinion about banning happy hour? I feel we can stop this if we all email in to let our council members know we are not in support of something like this!


Sex first, then politics

I too am one of the folks who really misses Tom Tomorrow. I admit I read City Pages for Savage Love, Tom Tomorrow, Real Astrology, and the letters column, and it's pretty much in that order. Oh, I do occasionally read articles and movie reviews, but by cutting that comic, I'm a little less likely to pick up your paper.


Parting is such sweet sorrow

Goodbye, Tom Tomorrow? Goodbye, City Pages.


If you say "Nordeast," you are a racist

Your reference to Nordeast is offensive and highly politically incorrect ("Pak Zam Zam brings a bit of Pakistan to Nordeast," 2/17/09). The Nordeast word goes back to the Eastern European immigrants who early on populated lower Northeast Minneapolis; they were learning how to speak English and had a problem with pronunciation, often using words such as "dem" for "them" and "dose" for "those." For you to perpetuate such insults is totally uncalled for and deserves an apology to all concerned.

Concerned Reader