Readers respond to "The GOPFathers"

Happy GOPFather's Day

I found your article interesting and thought-provoking, but not in the manner you, no doubt, intended ("The GOPFathers," 5/28/08). Your obvious attempt to depict these 10 most powerful individuals as evil or "shadowy" did more to make me want to contribute to and become a part of the same organizations they support than to make me horrified by them. What I do find horrifying and evil is the way mainstream Minnesota media embraces and encourages liberal, pro-big-government lawmakers to continue to steal and rape Minnesota taxpayers in the name of the collective good—appropriating taxpayer money for unnecessary, "feel-good" pet projects like theater, light rail, bike paths, stadiums, shopping malls, etc. instead of the few necessities our money should be spent on, like police and roads. Liberals fritter and waste our tax money on aforementioned projects and then proclaim the bogus need for $6.6 billion tax increases—that's what I call evil and "shadowy." The 10 Republicans you refer to would merely like to educate Minnesota government on how to balance a budget. Sometimes wasteful cuts can be made, thereby eliminating the need to raise taxes. If that's the shadowy underworld you're referring to, then please count me in.

Mark Wernimont Watertown

Fooled him once, shame on us

WHAT?! Not sure why James Lileks is gracing the pages of my favorite publication, but I have to say, I am disgusted by it ("Ode to Summer," 5/28/08).

Patrick Laughlin Minneapolis

Almost as bad as the real thing

So I noticed a column written by some guy named James Lileks. Not having heard of this fellow, I checked out his books on Amazon (a convenient link to his site was at hand, of course). My eyes feasted on the first few book covers. "This guy seems to be fixated on the Fifties," I thought. Anyhoo, I figured he must be cutting-edge, right? I mean, it's City Pages, right? Well, uh, no...not exactly. Not even close, really. It turned out this banal column was another, "My First Spring Day Experience." Brought to us by another homogenized writer. Christ, City Pages, have some chutzpah, will you! Do we need another writer saying, "Bring on global warming?" I would rather read a sophomoric story that says, "Bring on global bonging." At least pot jokes can by topical. And they relate to the youngsters, too. This cat was a tough read.

Helm Matthews


Two can play the infiltration game

Thanks for the informative article ("Moles Wanted," 5/21/08). Among other questions I have—and I ask this with rhetorical but definite seriousness—when do we start infiltrating the FBI in order to gather evidence of anti-constitutional activities?

Eric Snyder Minneapolis

Those in idling cars shouldn't throw stones

When the police are staking out an idling car to see if it idles for more than three minutes, will the police shut off their idling engine? No, they won't. "Looking to cut down on emissions and improve air quality, city lawmakers are considering an ordinance that would make it illegal to let a car idle longer than three minutes." On many occasions, empty police cruisers will sit in front of Target, Cub, and Rainbow on weekend nights, near Lake and Hiawatha, and these police cruisers will idle for hours—HOURS! When I ask the officers to shut off their cars, they look at me as if I'm crazy. So these police officers who let their cruisers run for hours, and they're not even in them, are going to be giving citations to citizens who idle them for more than just three minutes? The city needs to get a handle on the idling of its own employees.

Frank Erickson Minneapolis

Hallelujah for Andrea Myers

I loved, loved, loved that picture of Ben Kyle of Romantica and Andrea Myers's article about their version of "Hallelujah" ("The Song Remains the Same," 5/28/08). I was lucky enough to be at the hootenanny when Ben Kyle joined the talented stage and sang his version of Leonard Cohen's song. His young son was also onstage, sitting very comfortably on Jim Walsh's lap, watching his father play, sing, and mesmerize the crowd (I'm sure I wasn't the only teary-eyed one) with his incredibly passionate rendition. I feel blessed to have witnessed such a beautiful moment. Thank you, City Pages and Andrea Myers, for reminding us all that those magical moments are out there.

Karen Callahan Plymouth

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