Readers respond to the Comix Issue

Huge fan of Mr. Zach's. Keep up the good work. So awesome to see you published online on!

Comment by Bridget
from Lake Elmo

Once again, City Pages ignores the same artist in year three of its "official comix issue."

I guess they felt guilty not having a female artist represented so they found someone who "looks like a 12-year-old"?

Instead of just contacting Rachael Ratchet Johnson of Barista Girl!

Even though Ratchet has inked Barista Girl, they seem to forget she's a resident of St. Paul and one hell of an artist, too! When will City Pages get her to participate? Stupid Minnesota Nice City Pages!

Comment by zenobitegirrl
from Minneapolis

Holy crap, you're insane. There was an open call for artists. No one is going to seek you out.

Comment by Eddie
from Minneapolis

Wow, I am so glad to see such articulated drawings being published in newspapers these days. It's really wonderful that an open call for submissions brought such crude and pathetic cartoons into the public eye, because people might have really thought there were actual artists living in the Twin Cities. You know, mature artists with original ideas.

Comment by Geoff T.
from St. Paul

...said the man afraid to sign his full name.

Comment by Norm DaPlume
from Minneapolis

Open calls have always been posted on the Cartoonist Conspiracy site. If there is another Comix issue, the open call will be posted on the Cartoonist Conspiracy site.

That's all there is to it.

Comment by Ryan Dow
from St. Louis Park

Several other sites posted info as well. And one of this year's comics is even about the open call!

Plenty of opportunities are out there for people who can be bothered to pay attention.

Comment by Meridith

Drummed outta town

O.M.G.!!!!!!! The indie hipsters and City Pages have come up with a new unwritten rule ("Twin Cities' busiest and most talented drummers share life lessons," 8/19/09)! No drum risers—or "Ego-Planks"—will do. I guess someone should tell the drummer from the Hold Steady about this, or Pitchfork will accuse him of "selling out."

Matt Batchelor

Bullies with badges

I just saw on CNN the video showing a police beating in Minneapolis back in February ("Rodney King Redux," 8/19/09). CNN also showed the man who was beaten, following the attack by the police and after serving four days in jail. It is so indicative of all the police videos of late where they chase suspects, creating dangerous situations for the public, force victims out of their vehicles, and then beat and Taser them. I am not a black person, but do believe this was partially motivated by race, even though the person beaten was black and said it wasn't race-motivated. I believe he said that because he still lives in town and is terrified of a repeat performance by the police, or worse, should he publicly admit it was race-motivated. I am 75 years of age and did not come to this opinion as a result of this latest video. I have seen what the police can do to citizens since the '60s. I just want to say that as a result of all I've seen, I would never call the police if I had my home broken into, or any other criminal event. I would either take care of myself or suffer the consequences. I feel calling the police would be a worse consequence. I realize that there are good policemen and -women, but in my humble opinion, they are in the minority, and I have no interest in playing the long odds that I would get a good policeman should the need arrive.

Arthur Cabral
Sun City Center, FL

If you enjoy nudity ...

Patrick Strait's commentary of his first visit to a nudist family campground was amusing ("Nude World Order," 7/22/09). "Butt" if you want to experience a more revealing story of this nature, I suggest the book Naked by the highly acclaimed author David Sedaris. In part of the book, he recollects his two weeks at a nudist family campground in Florida, or somewhere southeast (daughter purloined the book). The tale is hilarious and poignant. Goodbye and thanks for all the flesh.


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