Readers respond to "Slap Happy"

This man should be locked away from society so he can't continue to inflict his deviant illness on any more victims. Instead he is sucking up more taxpayer dollars with sheriff and court resources. Let's see, we are paying to subsidize and support him; we are paying to treat, supervise, monitor, prevent, and try to repair damage done to others from his deviant illness; we are then paying for law enforcement and judicial resources for him to have a hobby of suing people who do not want him at events where children are present. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Have we honestly become this politically correct that someone can't put their foot down and say, "Enough's enough!"

Oh, let's also not forget that this City Pages story is the angle that the Strib opted to disregard in favor of writing about how good, decent neighbors were trying to actually avoid legal service by this sick man. Way to shine, Strib! You nailed it! (Sarcasm on.)

Comment by Megan
from NoMi, Mpls

This story does a good job of describing just how terrified I was to peek through the small glass window on my front door to see Pete standing there. He is a frightening person. I know the profile of this sex offender well—he comes across as a quirky, "harmless" old man. But don't be fooled—he is dangerous. This is common with many sexual psychopaths—they act vulnerable—yet their manipulative skills far surpass those of most of us. It is not uncommon for unemployed sex offenders to put themselves in a position to do volunteer work with children or around children. This is why is it so important for the neighborhood, like Jordan, to not allow him to attend meetings with children. Shame on those at intensive probations at Hennepin County who allow him so much freedom that he can surf the internet, sue neighbors for protecting themselves, and roam free to commit his next act of terror.

Ironically, the federal law (1996) that authorizes local law-enforcement agencies to notify the public about convicted sex offenders living in, working in, or visiting their communities is named "Megan's Law." It was an amendment to Megan's Law as an amendment to the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children Act. So I applaud City Pages for telling this important story. Jordan has one of the highest percentages of children (over 50 percent, according to the 2000 census). I would argue a good percentage of these children are not under the best supervisory care. Sometimes their parents do not care if they run the streets. Or they are from a single-parent household where the mother is working multiple jobs, trying to make ends meet, and is relying on the children to watch the younger children. I think this makes north Minneapolis a prime hunting ground for sick individuals (like Pete). So I again thank City Pages for telling this story. I say to Johnny: Keep doing what you do, publish away—do it for all the "Megans" and "Jacobs" out there— because we no longer can hear their voices!

Comment by Kelly
from Minneapolis

This article does a good job of making Peter Rickmyer sound like a pain in the ass, but it doesn't really explain why Rickmyer is suing people, so you have to research that for yourself. Maybe he is dangerous or crazy; we don't really have enough information to figure that out. I assume there are two sides to this story, so what's the other side? Pretty one-sided reporting if you ask me.

Comment by Derrick
from UofM


I have an idea for you—why don't you contact Peter Rickmyer and interview him yourself. Give him chance to tell "his side" of the story. I recommend you invite him out for coffee at the Bean Scene. Then, let us all know if you still think this story is still "one-sided."

Comment by KAK
from NoMi

Wow! I am soooooo tired of this guy using the legal system as a way to harass the good citizens of Jordan! He needs to stay to himself and focus on his own personal development. If he was to put that much energy into his own issues rather than trying to involve himself in community matters, he may actually end up becoming a halfway productive member in the community. I really hope that this judge can see through all this nonsense that he is presenting.

Comment by PJ
from Minneapolis

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