Readers respond to "Simon Says"

Speed demon

I'd like to commend the writer for responsible reporting and getting quotes from a member of Russell Simon's family and his ex-wife ("Simon Says," 9/24/08). Those are the people who know him best and knew what a con man he was and how he manipulated the story to make money and embarrass his family all because he couldn't take personal responsibility for being an evil human being. He had many people fooled, in particular the administration and health teachers in Elk River Area High School (among others), where Russell was allowed to speak for years and give "his story" while members of the Simon family were still in high school. How sad that he was believed over an entire family that is respected in the community and are productive members of society. Now the truth is known and Russell Simon Jr. can rot in prison...and then burn in hell.

Dick Davage Elk River

Never trust a tweaker

This guy is a sociopath, seriously. No remorse, no conscience, continual lying. His sibling contradicted the story of his upbringing. I just finished a book stating that 2 to 4 percent of people are sociopaths. This guy fits the pattern to a T. These people are dangerous, even when they're not violent. I now work with a person who I would bet my savings (although I don't have much) is a sociopath. If you are unfortunate enough to run into one of these people...get away as fast as you can. You can't reform them or help them get over it. Even psychologists can't treat them because the people figure nothing's wrong with them. They have no real emotion or empathy. You can see it when he was on the stand; fake sadness without tears. I'm glad he's locked up. Let him play his manipulation games with the other inmates. Good riddance!

Eric Hopkins

Taking down the tweaker

Russ Simon, I hope you rot in jail for all the misery you've caused your family, your son, your ex-wives, girlfriends, their families and so many others. You're a sociopath and should never, ever taste freedom again. May God have mercy on your soul, but society should never give you another chance. You were a lousy criminal—always getting caught. You can't make an honest living and need to sponge off successful women. Do you know what that makes you? A loser.

Roxy Doxy Pocatello, Idaho

A brighter Tomorrow

I found a reader's recent analysis and critique of Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World to be worth a chuckle or two (Letters, 9/24/08). Apparently he doesn't like anything about it yet feels strangely compelled to read it, perhaps because he's getting it for free.

And on the matter of political cartooning being child's play and attracting morons, I'd argue just the opposite. Subverting political authority effectively by mocking its claims to legitimacy and superiority requires a perceptive intelligence that results in the kind of "humor" that Republican rightists struggle to produce: neither insightful nor funny.

Tom Tomorrow is both humorous and devastating in his ability to use an artfully drawn comic to lay bare the inconsistencies and absurdities mouthed by the ruling class, the ruled, and the tools who help keep us confused and stupid. He illustrates what passes for political discourse these days. No wonder he offends those who get their thinking points from the great right-wingnut noise machine, the only thing keeping madness in power. Thank you for publishing one of the most brilliant political cartoonists of our time. I don't know what City Pages pays for This Modern World, but I think Tom Tomorrow deserves a raise.

Jeffrey Ruha Minneapolis

We are all diminished

I'm far left of being a Republican, yet the embarrassment I felt and am feeling toward the events surrounding the RNC is sincere. Being a resident of Minneapolis for 10 years, I have always felt welcome, and in turn have welcomed many to our community, no matter what their political affiliation may be. Unfortunately I did not feel the same during the RNC's festivities.

First and foremost, the blatant display of force by law enforcement was in my opinion unnecessary. For those who think I'm a sympathizer to the unruly protesters/anarchists, I will discuss them later with the same disgust. I was not part of any civil disobedience, yet from what I heard and saw on both television and personal experience, our police departments displayed a poor representation of the community we live in.

Yes, protesting with others is a good way to get a point across. Yet I can't agree with the actions displayed by a few of my fellow citizens. How can you protest a violent war with more violence? Knocking over garbage cans, park benches, assaulting officers of the law (they are just doing their job.), etc.? It's disrespectful from every point of view. What happened to Minnesota Nice? The Republicans had every right to convene, they brought money, spent it, and now they are gone. Unfortunately, they leave holding distaste for the cities we should be proud of.

So that is why I say shame on us.

Zach Gitter Minneapolis

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