Readers respond to Savage Love snafu

Savage Loveless

I am sadly disappointed that you have decided to run Dan Savage's column only online. I looked forward to reading his entertaining advice on the commuter bus every Wednesday from downtown to my home in south Minneapolis. Would you consider bringing him back?

Nancy Heyland Minneapolis

What happened to Dan?

Where was Dan Savage for this week's edition?

Michael Gaynor Minneapolis

Did City Pages get cold feet?

Where did Savage Love go? Couldn't find it in the June 18 issue and no recent postings on your web site. Don't get cowardly with the RNC coming to town!

Chris Van Meter Minneapolis

Editor's Note: Don't worry, Savage Love isn't going anywhere. It was inadvertently left out of the June 18 issue, but now it's right back where it belongs.


Hates the new website

So, I recently left Minneapolis for the farm this summer and can only get City Pages online to get my info (it's kinda like my outings bible), but lately I've noticed I can't find my horoscope. Now, I can't afford a psychic or those online jobbers and I need direction, so where is it? Am I missing it or is it gone? And the A-list—what's up with that? I'm not sure I like the new format, but I'm old-school and stubborn. How's that for a rant? Keep up the great coverage down there (loved the Hidden Beach piece).

Aaron Neussmeier Blue Earth

Shame on us

I was perusing City Pages online today, as I usually do, and couldn't help but notice my name on the "Letters to the Editor" section in regard to the note I had sent on James Lileks (Letters, 6/11/08). After looking at the title that my name was under, "Fooled him once," it took me a few moments to discover just what the meaning was.

To explain this, it is important to know that I have a serious disdain for James Lileks. He is part of the dumbing of America. He is bland. He is condescending toward anything outside of what he knows.

Hence, the reason for my sending the note. A note on an article that I did not even bother to read because I refuse to even put his horrid little stories into my memory. I saw his face and channeled my disdain for it to you.

So it is not until now that I have discovered you were just playing a joke in "channeling" Lileks—which is quite clever, but makes me look like a goddamn fool for sending in a note on a joke article. I didn't say anything about the article in my note because I didn't read the fucker. So, well done in "fooling" one of your most avid readers. I actually thought it was pretty cool to have my comment printed in the "Letters to the Editor" section. Now I understand it is just to show how much of an ass I was for sending in a note on a bunko piece (and by avid reader, I mean when I lived in Seattle for a year, I checked religiously for news from back home). So this whole "fooled him once" just really sucks. Like, "Hey! Thanks for supporting us for years, now we are publishing a note that makes you look dumb, because...well, who cares?"

Patrick Laughlin Minneapolis

Don't trust the debt collectors

You will notice in the response to Jonathan Kaminsky's article "The Avenger" (6/4/08) by Rozanne Andersen, the general counsel for ACA International, not one mention is made of the man the article was about: Pete Barry. Nor was there one mention of what he does: defend American citizens against debt collectors who knowingly violate federal laws. There is a reason for this—she does not want you to remember the name Pete Barry, or let the average American know that there are laws that offer minimal protection against the disgraceful extremes her membership employs in its debt collection efforts.

I am one of thousands of Americans who have been victims of these illegal and shamelessly unethical debt collection efforts. I employed the services of Pete Barry, and he was able to resolve the matter, but only after considerable damage had been done to my professional career. The several thousand dollars I received in the settlement was poor compensation for the disgraceful treatment I received at the hands of the debt collector. I have received many emails from other people going through similar experiences, and I tell them: Get a lawyer! And if you're in Minnesota, Pete Barry is very, very good.

Glenn Bowen Jr. Eden Prairie

We shot ourselves in the foot

Your cover article for the June 4 edition, "Lawyer Makes Dirty Debt Collectors Pay," included an anecdote in which a shoplifter threatened someone with "the business end of a Dillinger" to escape custody. Presumably you meant to refer to a "derringer," which is an easily concealed type of gun. John Dillinger was the FBI's "Public Enemy Number 1" at the time of his death, but so far he has not had a gun named after him.

Dan Johnston Minneapolis

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