Readers respond to recent cover stories


So Paul Thissen's like Joe Biden smart ("The Smartest Guy in the Room," 10/14/09)? Al Gore smart. Michael Moore smart. We keep hearing about smart liberals, but in practice they're as rare as hens' teeth. Case in point: Barack Obama. I keep waiting for him to make his first smart decision. Someone help me understand this liberal claim of big brains.

Comment by Jon Mellberg
from Excelsior you'd prefer GW + Pawlenty + Palin + Joe the Plumber + Bachmann + Beck + Limbaugh "down to earth" and "approachable?"

I don't buy it. I met the guy. I watched him at a gubernatorial forum. I went in with a bias for Margaret Anderson-Kelliher and walked away thinking he'd be a contender, and I'd be rooting for him. He did get the MN Nurses endorsement.

Comment by MarsBars

Goodman vibrations

Great story about city corruption ("Lisa Knows Best," 10/7/09). You could write a cover story every week on the issue and never run out of copy. It's hard not to be bitter. The only recourse is to vote them out and wait for the next round of politicos to make their personal fiefdoms.

Candace Carlson

I cannot agree with these comments. I do see that you found the negative people to make a protest into light. How pathetic can William Skolnick be, along with all the other whimpering fools—a judge who was also beat in a City Council race. Lisa Goodman is a very respected City Council member. She stands up for the people in her district and ward. She will be my only vote in the upcoming election. I have lived in the city for 18 years and respect her. Great job, Lisa!

Comment by Kraig Alan
from Minneapolis

Funny thing: I've read through all of the huffing and puffing by the people whose feelings were hurt by this article, and not once did I hear any of them use the word "lie"—much less the words "you'll be hearing from my lawyer." In fact, the rhetoric used sounds like it went through a lawyer first, to eliminate words like "lying" and replace them with words like "scurrilous," in what looks to me like an effort to imply the existence of untruths without putting oneself in legal jeopardy by actually claiming them.

My own take is that yeah, Lisa Goodman's a ward boss on the order of Boss Tweed, but the development she helped squash was best squashed. Otherwise, it'd be yet another failed real estate project in an already glutted market. Besides, the best ward bosses had their constituents' interests at heart, and that's what Goodman seems to be.

Comment by Cathy Cook

The 13th step is a doozy

Your September cover story haunts me ("The Deadly Road to Wellville," 9/23/09). I certainly feel deeply for Nancy Eisenberg. On the last day of Febuary in 2006, I left Hazelden (sober as a judge) on a clear day just before noon. Ten days later I awoke at North Memorial Hospital. I spent the next six weeks at Regions. I am still recovering.

I don't remember a thing, but know I was going left onto Highway 8 from Pleasant Valley Road. According to reports, an eastbound truck T-boned me. I was cut from the car with the Jaws of Life and helicoptered to the hospital and the slow heal began.

To add insult to injury—literally—six months later, the Chisago County Attorney charged me with two vehicular felonies. They offered to drop it to a gross misdemeanor and I need only serve 120 days in jail. A criminal attorney cost me many tens of thousands, and I pleaded to careless with a year probation and was done. The truck driver injured his shoulder and sued me civilly, and collected big from my insurance company.

I was never interviewed by the Chisago police or the County Attorney before or after the charges. The fact that this is a known dangerous place mattered nothing to them. My facts fit a statute, so book him! My legal team found that the death and maimed toll at this very intersection is staggering.

I'll never know, but my guess is that when I angled left to a stop at the intersection, my right-side I-beam caused a blind spot. Going 60 mph a truck is going about 250 feet per second. It's easy to miss two seconds—and a truck. But I'll never know. I was never a careless or reckless driver before, and am sadly convinced by your article that I was not then either. It is a treacherous place. I am lucky to be alive. Others were not. Or will be. Hazelden has asked MnDOT for years for a light. What more will it take?

Stan Donnelly

Saluting the season

Boo-ya! Let's do it next year ("Season of surprises," 10/12/09)! What a terrific season, and look forward to some weather. We'll show 'em all the meaning of home-field advantage!

Comment by Chuck Norris
from Maple Grove

Right you are! It was a great finish for the Twins in their last season indoors. I hope we can begin with the intensity we finished with and bring the postseason to our new Target Field.

Comment by Lance Berkholder
from Prior Lake