Readers respond to our Michele Bachmann cover story


I swear to god I'm gonna frame that cover! I love the fact that you guys are the only local news source explaining that she's not just opinionated, she's a damn lunatic that has ensured the rapid foreclosure of homes within her district instead of doing anything to slow them. Kick the poor out of your district to leave more reps there for next election.... Dr. Evil Goes to Washington.

Jon Auld

I can't believe you're using that picture of Michele from when she was an extra on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Awesome cover! Great job, Nick. One note: The City Pages 20th anniversary issue was the first time CP did not have the logo on the cover.

Karl Pearson-Cater

Your cover of Michele Bachmann is pathetic as is the "Crazy Like a Fox" article—I thought your side was against the "politics of personal destruction"? I can't imagine why Michele refused to submit to an in-person interview. By the way, I think the past few months have proven Michele correct in regards to Obama being anti-American, and I think there are a lot of people who are wondering why the press refuse to do their job and ask hard questions rather than waste their time and effort putting out hit pieces like this. These are very serious times—try to grow up.

K Robinson
Lino Lakes

I wish she'd grant media outlets honest-to-goodness interviews. I would not be the least bit surprised if those answers were scribed by a staffer. Either way, I'm glad she's in touch with my "down-home, old-fashioned Minnesota values." She realizes she's talking about the only state that voted against the right's lord/savior/bad actor Ronald Wilson Reagan, right?


I understand that Bachmann wouldn't agree to an actual interview, and insisted on Q & A via email. Don't you cheapen the idea of an interview, with give-and-take and follow-up questions, not to mention mislead your readers, when you headline an email Q&A as "The Complete Interview?" Complete interview my eye!

I would like to see City Pages go deeper than some other local media have in exploring the national right-wing machine's role in the Sixth District. I don't need City Pages to simply retell the same Bachmann stories I've already seen and heard.

Elizabeth Dunn

Is it really an "interview" when you do not have any opportunity for follow-up questions? Seems more like a survey in which whatever she says can go unchallenged. For example, my favorite quote was " approach to policy has always been to find the areas of comity and build on them." The dictionary defines "comity" as courteous behavior; politeness; civility or "A state of mutual harmony, friendship, and respect, especially between or among nations or people; civility." Now, what journalist in an interview would let something like that go unchallenged? When Bachmann addresses policy it is with hyperbole, fear-mongering, insults, and daggers, but never, ever "comity." Basically, this was like one of those Facebook status updates where someone just pastes in a bunch of questions and sends it to their next seven friends.

Alec Timmerman
St. Paul

I guess I must be in outer space somewhere. I've been to Minnesota many times and never did I ever encounter anyone with Bachmann's expert avoidance of questions. A perfect politician in an unabashed world of hyperbole and bullshit. What more could Reagan have asked for? Limbaugh's Ditto Heads!

Old Igor
Wood River, Illinois

While state Sen. Tarryl Clark has a very good chance of winning this race next year, the 2010 U.S. Census might do it for us.

The Minnesota state demographer has repeatedly stated that there is a good chance that the state could lose a congressional seat when the population count has been completed. The demographer has been quoted as saying that Minnesota is on the cusp: 30,000 to 40,000 individuals either way will be the difference.

As it is very unlikely that either the DFL or the Republicans will capture both houses of the state Legislature plus the governorship, the Minnesota Court of Appeals will crunch the numbers and come up with the redistricting plan as they did in 2002.

Most of the Minnesota's congressional districts have very natural boundaries: the Mississippi River, our borders with Iowa, North and South Dakota, and Canada. The Sixth was artificially created, stretching from St. Cloud to Stillwater.

It would be very ironic if her political career that began on April Fool's Day, the 2000 Census Day, ended with the 2010 Census.

Ronald Lietz
St. Paul