Readers respond to our Jesse Ventura cover

Jesse Ventura finds it rather peculiar that when people question the official version of the events of 9/11, they find themselves laughed off as a bunch of nut jobs. Yet I don't find it peculiar, because most conspiracy theories can be laughed off just as easily, and it only took one more page of reading to give me a perfect example.

I'll skip the horrible hypothesis that weather can somehow be controlled by radio waves, and move right on to the idea of mind control. Why do people laugh at conspiracy theorists? Because they fail to do proper research and gather evidence correctly. The claim that HAARP uses the same radio frequency as the human brain is rather ridiculous, seeing as how the human brain does not propagate nor use any such waves. What most people call brain waves are actually neurons firing and causing electrical activity within the brain. No radio waves involved at all. Yet Ventura goes far enough to try to reinforce this idiotic hypothesis by beaming himself with radio waves and hearing sounds no one else could. Trying to validate a hypothesis that didn't make any sense in the first place is exactly why these imbeciles are laughed off so easily.


It seems like Jesse likes to just rant. Last year Phil Hendrie had him on his radio show. Hendrie asked him a lot of questions he did not like and refused to let him rant on 9/11 as he has during many an appearance on the Alex Jones show, and it degenerated into name-calling. Maybe I am wrong, but the guy (Ventura) seems to think anyone who didn't serve in the military is a lesser person, because he almost always brings his service up, no matter what the subject. I also like how the article glossed over Ventura's previous show in 2003; apparently it was canceled due to a combination of low ratings and Ventura's attitude. There have been recent posts on the web by folks who worked on Ventura's previous show, claiming he was a bully and arrogant. I won't even go into his recent endorsement of a new draft for the U.S. military...the man wants slavery, which is disgusting.

J Stringer

Rather than label Jesse a nutcase or anyone who questions the government's official story of 9/11 a "conspiracy theorist," it would be more respectful of the conversation if those who support the official story answer the questions that those of us who do not believe have been asking. Instead it is easier to deflect the conversation into a game of name-calling.

At the end of the day the questions remain ignored, not answered. Taxpayers paid $14 million for the political appointees of the 9/11 Commission to produce a 428-page report that fails to mention that the 47-story WTC7 building even collapsed. Same day, same complex, same free-fall collapse scenario. But not even a paragraph to mention it. No wonder the majority of Americans are not aware of it.

In the end, the commission's report and the NIST study spent about $34 million ($6 million less than on the Challenger disaster) to come to the least probable explanation for the collapses of all three buildings. This is apparently enough for our leaders and media to deny any questioning of the outcome. Google WTC7, watch the videos about this building, then decide for yourself. Don't let me, a government study, or anyone else tell you what it looks like happened. Just watch it and decide for yourself if fire brought down the building in seven seconds.


The only American politician/patriot who has the guts to tell the truth...Americans are not as dumbed down as one might me. Everything Jesse is claiming we already know. Sad thing is—what can anyone do about it?

Brigitte Boubion

I would like the morons who criticize Ventura's beliefs to put up their own "facts" regarding such topics as the 9/11 incident. And don't just say you believe in the 9/11 Commission Report. Please leave us with some hope that there are still some intelligent folks out there who can think on their own. You people are pathetic sheep who believe anything our government tells you.

Crush San Diego

Jesse is such a stiff—this turd of a show will last three weeks tops.

Mike Anderson

The intro said it all. He called the media "jackal" press to pimp his new show. It will fail like his other "Ventura ventures" because he is a hack D-list celebrity.

Ashamed Ventura voter

This appears to be an extension of the "man in black" role he had in one episode of The X-Files, the ultimate conspiracy TV drama.

St. Paul

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