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Comix issue vs.New Yorker Obama terrorist cover

How illustrative that your cover feature, "The (Cartoon) Elephants Come to Town" (7/9/08), coincided with the New Yorker cover satirizing how conservatives supposedly perceive Barack Obama. A cursory search of Google News for the terms "New Yorker" and "Obama" produced 1,616 news articles (excluding duplicates). Similar searches for "City Pages" and "cartoon" or "elephant" found no matches. You can ridicule Republicans all you want and—at least judging by outside media attention—literally no one cares. Meanwhile, if Democrats even think they're being made fun of, it's a national shit storm. Maybe as an experiment sometime—call it market research—you should try publishing something slightly uncomplimentary toward the left.

Scott Brady Crystal

They all draw with their left hand

I just read "The (Cartoon) Elephants Come to Town," both the in-print and online offerings. Congratulations on achieving near-uniform xenophobia and an utterly predictable editorial result.

Chris Long St. Paul

Cartoonist stereotyped Christians

While I enjoyed reading the 7/9/08 Comix Issue, Derf's cartoon "Welcome Evangelicals!!" is painted with too wide of a brush. Most religious groups have fundamentalists, a minority group of reactionaries, but this subset should not define the whole. This cartoon is not a caricature of Evangelicals, but of Evangelical Fundamentalists, and is as inaccurate as describing all Muslims by what we know of their fundamentalists or portraying all Mormons along the lines of Warren Jeffs's Fundamentalist LDS Church.

Isaac Alderman St. Paul

Give peace a chance

Senator Klobuchar's disdain for protestors is appalling, but not surprising ("Your Friendly Neighborhood War Profiteer," 7/2/08). Aren't we proud that we Minnesotans contribute to weapons that go boom? That also kill and maim innocents.

Carol Fitzmaurice Minnetonka

Hates the new website

The new web design is unbelievably bad! I can't find anything! Who's playing at Movies and Music tonight in Loring Park? Can't find it. What's playing at the Lagoon? Can't find it! I want to write a note to the web editor to tell them how bad the site design is. Took me 10 minutes to find it! Please, try again.

Dan via email

Applauding Alliant Tech protesters

I would like to express my profound gratitude to the antiwar protesters who put themselves on the line against munitions giant Alliant Techsystems ("Act of Civil Disobedience Ends in Multiple Arrests," I would also like to honor the protesters who go to Alliant headquarters week after week in an effort to derail what is truly a war machine. Alliant Techsystems (ATK) is the world's major producer of depleted uranium weapons ("high density penetrators") and other savage devices. It makes bullets, tank shells, and cluster bombs. Depleted uranium is insidious because it vaporizes and can then be inhaled or otherwise ingested, contaminating people indefinitely. Gulf War Syndrome may be one result of the use of depleted uranium. In an article titled, "Deaths from Radioactive Munitions Fired in Middle East May Exceed A-Bombing of Japan," author Sherwood Ross quotes scientist Leuren Moret as saying, "The genetic future of the Iraqi people, for the most part, is destroyed."

ATK is disingenuous when it claims to want to protect its workers, because it is needlessly exposing them to radioactivity. It will not release medical studies of the depleted uranium production workers at the facility in Arden Hills. Depleted uranium is visited upon civilians and soldiers alike. It poisons the environment far into the future. The Nuremberg Tribunal, Geneva Conventions, the Hague Regulations, and numerous other international treaties collectively require that civilians must not be harmed in wartime and that after the war there cannot be continuing destruction visited upon people or the environment. Alliant Tech is in clear, incontrovertible violation of these fundamental treaties. It must cease and desist weapons production immediately or be brought before the International Criminal Court at the Hague for war crimes.

Margaret R. Beegle Golden Valley

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