Readers respond to "Nude World Order"


I loved the article. Two corrections: It is the American Association of Nude Recreation and not the Adult Association, and with half the clubs reporting, the number of skinny-dippers has already exceeded 12,600.

Patrick did a great job of showing what fun nude recreation is.

Comment by Bob M

What?! A clean Wet Spot?!

As someone who really enjoys the liberation (and excitement) of being naked, whether it's a late-night dip in Calhoun, or just frying up some bacon before work (careful with the grease, people!), I appreciate the fun time and positive "review" you had of your first public nude experience. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself...maybe we can hang out some time?

Also, on a not-so-clean note...did you do a full-body shave for your experience (also as a tribute to the Tour de France)? Because from your picture it definitely looks like you did.

Comment by Hammer T.

Awesome article! It really seems like you've found the "magical kingdom" of Minnesota.

Avatan = Disney World

Goofy = Hoo Hoos and Fun Bags

Bob = Mickey Mouse


Comment by Asian Friend

Great story. Nice to see a positive report on nudism, and a resort. Too many reports tend to be smarmy and tongue-in-cheek...yours was straight.

Sometime you may want to try it again, and take along a female companion. Women's reactions vary greatly, and are often surprising. They tend to find it far more difficult to get nude in a social setting...but often get hooked on the first visit.

I remember that odd feeling of having to get dressed after the first visit to a resort. Actually, it bugs me every time I have to get dressed to leave.

Thanks. Enjoy life.

Comment by Robert

Is it weird that this made me want to check out the whole nude thing? Never thought I would say that, but it sounds like a pretty neat place. We should all be so lucky to feel so comfortable in the birthday suit. Great article, Pat. Now to see if I can get the hubby to go with me....

Who am I kidding? We're not quite there yet, but maybe next summer!

Comment by Kelly

I've been to the club many times and was a member at one time also. It is good to see a story that just covers the facts and doesn't try the usual mainstream media spin. (It is always covered like some abnormal freak thing.) It is quite a trip up that way and it is like a vacation every time you go. In fact, the return trip always felt like you'd been away for much longer than you actually had. Sadly, when I became a member I got to see more than just the skin of certain members. In fact, I got under the skin of one who gave me a warning for reading (and I was reading) a Playboy magazine one day. When I attempted to bring up some discussion about said issue I was warned about the clique running Avatan and not to go there. Of course I did, via email, and was summarily banned from Avatan! Sadly, many of the destinations where we want to vacation in paradise are run by tin-pot dictators! I now visit a nice club right here in Minnesota called Oakwood.

Comment by Jeff Gerbino

Love the article. I consider myself a nudist (around my apartment) and am interested more in the Coors Lite cowboy...does he have a Myspace?

Comment by Daniel
from Rochester

The day the music died

Unfortunately, Lisa Goodman is suffering from some rather severe myopia. This is clearly not the time to be playing Jenga with the nightlife economy, or really any aspect of the economy that is still making money on any sort of regular basis.

Her overprotective attitude toward "saving the children" is almost philistine in nature, if for no other reason than her complete disregard for the effects these actions might have on the currently flourishing Minneapolis music scene.

What exactly did Goodman witness that she can no longer ignore? Rambunctious kids at the wee hours of the morn? A blocked parking garage?

What realm of logic does she function in if she believes underage adults can obtain alcohol passed to them by their 21+ friends that couldn't be purchased for them in even larger quantities under less supervision from the same people?

Comment by Michael Ringheim

If you're binge drinking at a concert, you must be loaded. I believe rum and Cokes were $4.50 at First Ave last time I was there.

Regardless, Lisa Goodman has a fine point. While we're at it, let's have 21+ nights at restaurants, the State Fair, and college.

Comment by John