Readers respond to "Mystery Record"


This is a great article, and a reminder of all the great and talented bands and musicians that have slipped through the cracks over the years, whether victims of poor management, wrong timing, or just plain bad luck. And it's great to find even more great music coming from our frigid state. Good luck to Haze, and props to the Mankato DJs who tracked them down.


What a great story! Hope to hear more from Haze soon. Will be checking our record collection for these albums!


Wow! Great story.... One more example of the internet (and vinyl) bringing people closer together. Thanks!

Red Kelly
New York

Loved this article, and the opportunity to hear Haze's music! Thanks for the great story!


Thanks for the great article, Emily. I'm the Shyboy Tim who's mentioned in the "Mystery Record" article. If any of you guys are interested in hearing the Haze story in their own words, our radio show produced two one-hour interview shows featuring the story. It's an amazing story to hear told by the guys who lived it. You'll find the shows streaming at our show blog, LONG LIVE HAZE!


Finally! An article about this great band. I nearly hit the floor when I saw the article. I was a kid back in the '70s and always wanted to sing with my cousins the Johnson brothers and my uncle Janelle, but I was too little. I played their album every day back then and still remember all their songs. I just wish Donie was here to see this. She would have enjoyed this. Donie would tell me stories about the band days and their adventures on the road and the antics in the band house. So good to see the band get the recognition they deserve. Truly pioneers in the Minneapolis sound!

LaShelle a.k.a. chickie
Charlotte, North Carolina

Being a Cheapo employee for over five years, I've become accustomed to the Pages' jabs at our establishment. As we advertise frequently in your periodical, I am curious as to the reasoning behind this continuous negative portrayal of our establishment and employees. In a January 27 article titled "Mystery Record," a fellow employee was described in a rather unflattering manner..."blank faced, baffled, uninterested" etc. After reading the lengthy article on a lunch break, I wandered into our vast vinyl selection and discovered not one, not two, not three, not four, but five sealed copies of the self-titled "hard to find" record selling for $11.97 (all of which have been sitting on the shelf untouched for over a year). In regards to our passing on the product, I ask the question, "What type of condition were these records in?" After all, condition is one of the main factors that come into play when buying all formats of music. Cut quick to the plot of my story: If Shelly Pierce had just walked back into Cheapo with the record in hand she probably could have saved a lot of time and trouble. Why? Because we had that exact album already sitting on our shelves (albeit not a test pressing). Isn't it ironic that the answer to her question was actually always there where her journey began? Thank you for supporting your local record store!


I began reading the Haze article with the misconception that it might actually be interesting. I found it ridiculous. How could any supposedly knowledgeable radio and/or music person not have a clue who would have been the best R&B/soul band around the Twin Cities during the mid-'70's? Anyone with a clue would have at least figured it might be Haze. Good grief! Just another reason why I can never get through an entire article in City Pages.

Jill Stockman

Kudos to Emily Kaiser for the Haze article. It was a tremendous reading experience. Not only was it an amazing story to begin with, but Kaiser did a great job with the writing angle by setting it up with the intrigue of the Mankato DJs' search for the band, then going into the history of the band, and then with the payoff at the end of these two parties finding each other and how greatly it affected them.

I had never heard of Haze before reading the piece, and just got drawn into it as I began reading. I've heard some friends who aren't even big music fans say the same about the article. It's definitely one that I'll be clipping and saving to the "Cool Articles" folder I've kept at home for the last 20 years.

Henry Hormann
St. Paul