Readers respond to "Minnesota State Capitol Facebook"

A Capitol idea

Thank you for printing "Minnesota State Capitol Facebook" by Bradley Campbell (4/8/09). I hope you continue this survey in the coming years. As a voter, it's about time I get some value, or at least some entertainment, from lobbyists. I look forward to seeing the Capitol Facebook gaining momentum year by year with lobbyists anonymously giving us a bit more insight as to how our politicians operate in the hallowed halls of the Capitol. If you continue this survey, I predict more and more lobbyists will participate. It's an interesting concept and I seriously hope you continue to do it.

I also like the fact that all of the photos of our representatives were cut off at the forehead. I suggest you continue this practice with all articles about politicians and lobbyists. Perhaps in your next survey, you can literally show how many brains each person has by using a graphic that shows an open head and a big brain for someone who has a high ranking and a pea-size brain for someone who has a low rating. Finally, I think City Pages should also allow the politicians to anonymously rate the lobbyists in your survey. All's fair in love and war, right?

Mom of three
St. Paul

Tyranny of the few

What kind of response is 32 from 1,350 surveys? That's 2.4 percent! Bradley Campbell says the idea for the article came from the Willamette Week—they had a 25.8 percent response in their last survey. Plus, they checked with legislative staffers, members of the legislative press corps, and did interviews. I'm a North Side resident, and I support Joe Mullery, who was the "dimmest hack" in your survey. FYI, Joe's great! So what if the pharmaceutical, banking, and anti-choice lobbies give him (and Champion and Higgins) bad marks? Maybe that's a good thing. I know Joe votes for working people, jobs, public safety, and education. He's one of the hardest-working legislators over there. Anyway, I want to speak up for the North Side (the article sure hit our legislators hard—how sporting is it to hit the North Side when foreclosures got us down?), and request that next time you apply due diligence.

David Kremer
North Minneapolis

A legislator responds to ranking

I really enjoyed your piece on the 32 lobbyists (out of 1,500) who saw fit to respond to your "rank the legislators" survey. It reminded me of when the football jocks used to rank the cheerleaders—and reserved their most stinging jabs for those who had spurned their advances. Ah, high school. Most of us have left it behind. But thank you, City Pages, for keeping the dream alive.

John Lesch
St. Paul

Elephant droppings

I felt compelled to write to you following reading the article about Pachyderm and its owner, Matt Mueller ("Temple of the White Elephant," 3/18/09). I about fell on the floor laughing at the part where he has decided to "go green." I don't think this was an ecological decision, it was more like he was forced into it due to his refusal to pay his propane bill, for one! I know; I am the credit manager for his propane supplier and had to deal with his lies, and screaming and swearing at me because we refused to continue service to him. He had many opportunities to make a payment plan and follow through, which he did not, so we picked up his tanks. I guess if he was such a great businessman that didn't have to happen. Just thought you'd be interested in the rest of the story.

Sue Meyer

More reasons to go to Bradstreet

Thanks for your glowing review ("Bradstreet Brings Back the Taste of the Speakeasy," 3/25/09)! Just a quick note to say the menu changed on Tuesday. Practically all of the not-so-awesome dishes mentioned have been replaced with new dishes. Come back and check them out! Thanks for recognizing our hard work and craftsmanship.

Bradstreet server

CP dropped the ball on L.A. Guns

Who's in charge of your music and concert section? It has gone downhill and is now horrible. Lots of major concerts are not listed anymore. For example: Friday, March 27, L.A. Guns (a pretty popular group) played at Illusion night club and I was unable to find a link to it. However, it's just one of lots and lots of concerts that City Pages doesn't cover anymore. City Pages a couple of years ago used to be the best place to look up music, and now we are finding it somewhat useless knowing even if we look there are lots we are missing because CP isn't covering them. Why not be the best? It isn't that hard. Really. Get that guy out of that department. There are many others who can do better who would like that job.


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